Functions and missions

Advice the Board of Rectors and manage M.A and PhD training programs, short – term courses and graduate supplementary programs. Main responsibilities of the Office include the administration of graduate training such as admission, training management, graduation procedures, degree issuance. In addition, the Office is also responsible for the development and adjustment of M.A and PhD training programs within the area social sciences and humanities; organize and supervise the implementation of contracts related to lectures and study materials compilation; develop and organize graduate training plans; and advise the Board of Rectors in activities related to graduate training.

Board of Directors

  • Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Van Quyet
  • Vice Director: Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hoa


Office: Room 605 Block E. Phone. (084) 38585239  

Staff members

  1. Pham Van Quyet – Director
  • Responsible for overall activities.
  • Responsible for: 
  • Activities related to training fellow researchers
  • Organize training programs, curricula, lectures and references
  • International joint – training programs and 16 – 23 programs
  1. Pham Thi Thu Hoa – Vice Director

Responsible for:

  • Activities related training graduates
  • Develop and implement credit – based training software
  • Graduate admission
  • Confirm teaching ratios, settle teaching payments for faculties and divisions
  • Domestic joint – training programs and graduate supplementary courses
  1. Pham Lan Anh – Specialist
  • Responsible for activities related to academic admission and term start.
  • Organize and supervise training, examinations and diploma issuance of common subjects
  • Responsible for statistics, certification, scholarship and liquidation.
  • Contribute to develop data of graduates.
  1. Dao Minh Quan – Specialist
  • Develop plans to organize and implement credit – based training software
  • Supervise the training process of graduate programs
  • Organize activities related graduate training data
  • Supervise and manage joint – training and supplementary courses for graduates
  • Print degrees and certificates
  1. Vu Hoang Lam – Specialist
  • Supervise and implement activities related theses of graduates
  • Responsible for activities related to school change, academic deferment and continuation of graduates
  • Conduct procedures for thesis defense
  • Conduct procedures for graduation confirmation and degree issuance
  • Contribute to develop data of graduates
  1. Pham Thi Nguyet – Specialist
  • Supervise and manage the training implementation and organization of graduates
  • Conduct procedures for graduates to defense theses at unit level and state level
  • Conduct procedures to propose PhD degree issuance for research fellows
  • Contribute to develop graduate training data
  • Office activities.
  1. Le Thi Kim Tan – Specialist (working at Room 605 in mornings)
  • Responsible for contracts related to the compilation and adjustment of training programs, curricula, course books and references.
Office for Academic Affairs
Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr Bui Thanh Nam

Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hoa

MA. Dao Minh Quan

MA. Hoang Van Quynh

Telephone: (84-4) 3858-5237/ 35588051
Office for Graduate Affairs
Director: Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Van Quyet, 
Vice-Director:  Pham Thi Thu Hoa, PhD
Telephone: (84-4) 3858 5239
Office for Research Affairs
Director: Hoang Van Luan, PhD
Vice-Director: Tran Van Kham, PhD
Telephone: (84-4) 38588342
Office for Personnel Affairs
Director: Ngo Kieu Oanh, MA

Le Anh Xuan, MA

Nguyen Tich Nghi, MA

Telephone: (84-4) 38585246
Office for  Cooperation and Development 
Supervisor: Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh
Vice-Director: MA. Luong Ngoc Vinh
Telephone: (84-4) 38583798
Office for Student Affairs
Director: Nguyen Quang Lieu, PhD
Vice-Director: Pham Huy Cuong, MA
Telephone: (84-4) 38583800
Office for Administration and Premises
Director: Dang Ngoc Trai
Vice-Director: Dang Quang Thai
Le Anh Tuan, MA
Telephone: (84-4) 38583799
Fax: (84-4) 38587326
Office for Planning and Finance
Director: Le Thi Quyen, MA
Vice-Director: Kim Thi Diep Ha, MA
Telephone: (84-4) 38585243
Office for Inspection and Legislation
Director: Nguyen Van Thuy, MA
Vice Director Tran Diep Thanh, PhD
Telephone: (84-4) 38585241