Office for Academic Affairs
Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr Bui Thanh Nam

Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hoa

MA. Dao Minh Quan

MA. Hoang Van Quynh

Telephone: (84-4) 3858-5237/ 35588051
Office for Graduate Affairs
Director: Assoc.Prof.Dr Pham Van Quyet, 
Vice-Director:  Pham Thi Thu Hoa, PhD
Telephone: (84-4) 3858 5239
Office for Research Affairs
Director: Hoang Van Luan, PhD
Vice-Director: Tran Van Kham, PhD
Telephone: (84-4) 38588342
Office for Personnel Affairs
Director: Ngo Kieu Oanh, MA

Le Anh Xuan, MA

Nguyen Tich Nghi, MA

Telephone: (84-4) 38585246
Office for  Cooperation and Development 
Supervisor: Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh
Vice-Director: MA. Luong Ngoc Vinh
Telephone: (84-4) 38583798
Office for Student Affairs
Director: Nguyen Quang Lieu, PhD
Vice-Director: Pham Huy Cuong, MA
Telephone: (84-4) 38583800
Office for Administration and Premises
Director: Dang Ngoc Trai
Vice-Director: Dang Quang Thai
Le Anh Tuan, MA
Telephone: (84-4) 38583799
Fax: (84-4) 38587326
Office for Planning and Finance
Director: Le Thi Quyen, MA
Vice-Director: Kim Thi Diep Ha, MA
Telephone: (84-4) 38585243
Office for Inspection and Legislation
Director: Nguyen Van Thuy, MA
Vice Director Tran Diep Thanh, PhD
Telephone: (84-4) 38585241

Office for Academic Affairs is responsible for advising the Rector in devising plans and implementing the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Training, VNU and USSH concerning undergraduate and graduate training; direct and supervise the academic affairs at different levels according to existing regulations. Its main tasks are:

  • Advise the Rector in defining the objectives and scales of training, professional structure, and open new majors and specialties; suggest new measures to reform and perfect the content and process of curriculla, teaching methods and manage the quality of training.
  • Advise and assist the Rector in managing and implementing the international joint training programs.
  • Devise general teaching plans for each course, semester and academic year; develop schedules and timetables for teaching activities.
  • Inspect the progress of teaching activities, curriculla and regulatory compliance at the faculties; make suggestions or amendments as prescribed by the Rector.
  • Provide administrative management of training activities at different levels according to the general directives on undergraduate and graduate training approved by the Ministry of Education and Training and VNU; collect and process information on teaching and learning materials. 
  • Advise the Rector on policies for teaching staff at the University and visiting lecturers; inspect and approve the teaching schedules and decide the payment of lecturers; advice on how to improve teaching facilities and conditions.
  • Instruct and respond to the questions of students regarding classes and exams.
  • Devise annual plans for admitting students into undergraduate and graduate programs; coordinate the admission process with other units at the University.

Board of leaders



Assoc. Prof. Dr  Bui Thanh Nam

Vice Dean

Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Thi Thu Hoa

Vice Dean

MA. Hoang Van Quynh

Vice Dean

MA. Dao Minh Quan


Regular training

Rooms 604 A, 604 B, block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

Phone: (024) 38585237; (024) 35575892

Admission and part-time training

Room 601, block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Phone: (024) 38585237; (024) 35575892

Email: Regular training:;

Graduate admission:;

Part-time training:

Graduate training

Room 607, 609A block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

Phone: (024) 38585239; (024) 35588053

Email: (Master); (Doctoral)

International joint training

Room 604C, 609B, block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

Phone: (024) 35579035


Functions and missions

Advice the Board of Rectors and manage M.A and PhD training programs, short – term courses and graduate supplementary programs. Main responsibilities of the Office include the administration of graduate training such as admission, training management, graduation procedures, and degree issuance. In addition, the Office is also responsible for the development and adjustment of M.A and PhD training programs within the area social sciences and humanities; organize and supervise the implementation of contracts related to lectures and study materials compilation; develop and organize graduate training plans; and advise the Board of Rectors in activities related to graduate training.

Board of Directors

  • Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Van Quyet

  • Vice Director: Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hoa


Office: Room 605 Block E. Phone. (084) 38585239  

Staff members

  1. Pham Van Quyet – Director

  • Responsible for overall activities.

  • Responsible for activities related to training fellow researchers

  • Organize training programs, curricula, lectures and references

  • International joint – training programs and 16 – 23 programs

  1. Pham Thi Thu Hoa – Vice Director

  • Responsible for activities related to training graduates
  • Developing and implementing credit – based training software

  • Graduate admission

  • Confirming teaching ratios, settling teaching payments for faculties and divisions

  • Domestic joint – training programs and graduate supplementary courses

  1. Pham Lan Anh – Specialist

  • Responsible for activities related to academic admission and start of term.

  • Organize and supervise training activities, examinations and diploma issuance of common subjects

  • Responsible for statistics, certification, scholarship and liquidation.

  • Contribute to developing data of graduates.

  1. Dao Minh Quan – Specialist

  • Develop plans to organize and implement credit – based training software

  • Supervise the training process of graduate programs

  • Organize activities related to graduates' data

  • Supervise and manage joint – training and supplementary courses for graduates

  • Print degrees and certificates

  1. Vu Hoang Lam – Specialist

  • Supervise and implement activities related to the theses of graduates

  • Responsible for activities related to school change, academic deferment and continuation of graduates

  • Conduct procedures for thesis defense

  • Conduct procedures for graduation confirmation and degree issuance

  • Contribute to developing data of graduates

  1. Pham Thi Nguyet – Specialist

  • Supervise and manage the training implementation and organization of graduates

  • Conduct procedures for graduates to defense their theses at unit level and state level

  • Conduct procedures to propose PhD degree issuance for research fellows

  • Contribute to developing graduate training data

  • Office activities.

  1. Le Thi Kim Tan – Specialist (working at Room 605 in mornings)

  • Responsible for contracts related to the compilation and adjustment of training programs, curricula, course books and references.

Functions and tasks

  • Advice the Rector and Board of Rectors on creating plans and strategies for annual, mid-term and long-term development of science and technology.
  • Instruct the faculties, institutes and research centers (referred to as units) to develop annual, mid-term and long-term plans for research activities.
  • Instruct the units, research teams and scholars to suggest, present and apply for research projects and programs at different levels as well as those contracted by local authorities, departments and sectors and businesses.
  • Instruct and participate in the organization of conferences/workshops of the University and faculties' staff, graduates and students.
  • Instruct and advice the staff, graduates and students on applying for science and technology awards.
  • Record and publicize the University and faculties' science and technological activities.

Board of Leaders



Assoc. Prof. Dr  Hoang Van Luan

Vice Dean

Dr. Trinh Van Dinh


Room 706, 708 block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 38588342; (024) 38584278


Function and missions

Office for Cooperation and Development is tasked with advising and supporting the Rector in developing plans and managing USSH's cooperation and development. Its main tasks are:

Managing delegations

  • Serve as a liason that develops and implement exchange programs with foreign students.
  • Develop and implement plans and synthesize information from relevant units on external delegations; offer protocol services and support the entry and exit procedure for external delegations.
  • Prepare the agenda and necessary documents for the Board of Rectors in working with foreign partners.
  • Coordinate the management of foreigners, manage documents related to entry and exit procedure, make invitation letters and letters of recommendation for foreign staff and students visiting USSH to teach, research and promote cooperation.
  • Coordinate with internal and external units to ask for permission to hold international conferences and conventions according to the rules and instructions of the state.
  • Receive proposals for granting Honorary doctoral degrees to foreign scholars from other units, and submit them to VNU for consideration and approval; hold ceremonies for granting Honorary Doctoral degrees.
  • Coordinate with other offices to approve the records of staff and students asking for overseas research and study; prepare files and complete the necessary procedures on behalf of the Board of Rectors.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of exchange programs for foreign students.

Cooperation and development

  • Advise the Rector on developing plans for cooperation and development; create regulatory documents of cooperation and development.
  • Manage, perform and supervise the University and units' activities concerning cooperation and development.
  • Contact and discuss about cooperation with USSH's foreign partners; advise the Rector in preparing the content and negotiating the signing of MOUs with the partners.
  • Manage, record, control and inspect the implementation of signed MOUs.
  • Develop products that bear the USSH brand.
  • Find sponsorships and scholarships from organizations and international foundations and funds for USSH's students and staff.
  • Approve the contents of documents regarding international programs and projects; manage and synthesize the reports and progress of these programs and projects.
  • Support and coordinate with other units in cooperation and development activities with domestic and foreign partners when necessary.

Board of leaders


Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Viet Nghia

Vice Dean

MA. Luong Ngoc Vinh


Room 402, 404 block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 335851282


Functions and tasks:


  • Advice and assist the Board of Rectors to make annual plans for political, ideological and moral education.

  • Coordinate with other units and organizations to hold diverse events to promote USSH's image and the students' legitimate benefits.

  • Manage students and complete the procedures related to students.

  • Provide career counseling and academic advice for students.


  • Coordinate with other units and organizations to make students adhere to the policies and guidelines of the Party, laws of the Government, sectoral and local authorities.

  • Organize political events to celebrate the country, the capital and USSH's important holidays; hold political seminars for students at the beginning of the year; answer students' questions through dialogue and other channels.

  • Collaborate with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Student Association and relevant departments to organize events to improve political and ideological awareness, educate on the traditions and improve the etiquette and conduct of students, facilitate the participation of students in club activities, cultural, art and sport events and other activities.

  • Admit students, make pre – entry inspection and manage records of students at different levels.

  • Receive and manage students according to signed agreements.

  • Coordinate with relevant units to manage students during their study and training at the University.

  • Coordinate with the authorities to manage resident and non-resident students.

  • Provide health care services, health insurance and life insurance for students.

  • Provide scholarships, social benefits and tuition fee reduction for students.

  • Coordinate with other units to hold start-of-term and degree-granting ceremonies for bachelors, masters and doctors.

  • Grant awards or punishments to students according to existing rules.

  • Provide career counseling, academic advice and soft skills for students.

  • Make annual surverys of the employment status of graduates.

  • Manage the male students of elistment age.

  • Manage the activities of the University's Student Association.

Board of Leaders


Dr. Nguyen Quang Lieu

Vice Dean

Dr. Pham Huy Cuong



Room 101-102, block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 38583800; (024) 38585242


Function and mission

Office for General Administration is responsible for advising USSH Rector on administrative affairs, office management and premises management.


  • Manage the development and implementation of administrative, office and archival regulations.
  • Receive and process dispatches, notes, and documents, including secret documents according to existing regulations.
  • Manage and use the official seals.
  • Validate and reproduce documents and papers as prescribed by the University.
  • Provide letters of recommendation, travel documents and validate the signatures of the University's staff; confirm travel documents for guests at the University.
  • Coordinate the organization and running of the quality assurance system according to ISO standards.
  • Coordinate the implementation of domestic protocols and procedures; co-hold events, conferences and conventions.


  • Develop and publish the weekly, monthly and annual schedules of the University and its Board of Rectors. 
  • Coordinate the making of statistics; collect reports on the periodic and non-periodic administrative and regulatory activities as required by the Board of Rectors.
  • Assist in the joint-departmental meetings; draft reports and dispatches; compile and publish the Rector's announcements and conclusions.


  • Supervise the investment, repair and restoration projects.
  • Develop plans to upgrade the facilities of the University's units to be submitted to the Rector.
  • Advise on the renovation, usage and management of the University's facilities, infrastructures and sceneries.
  • Manage the phone, fax and internet facilities of the University.
  • Manage and use the power and water systems.
  • Manage the classrooms
  • Manage the services.
  • Manage the University's estate.
  • Manage fire prevention and extinguishment, flood prevention, sanitary protection, disease prevention.
  • Manage the security of the University.

Board of leaders


Dang Ngoc Trai

Vice Dean

Dang Quang Thai

Vice Dean

Le Anh Tuan

Subordinate units

  • Office unit
  • Security unit
  • Classrom unit
  • Power and water unit
  • Car unit
  • B7bis unit


Room 401 block E, USSH-VNU

No 336, Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

Phone: (024) 38583799


Functions and tasks

The Office for Inspection and Legal Affairs is tasked with inspecting all activities within the University in order to detect, prevent and deal with violations; and identifying the shortcomings in the management mechanisms, policies, laws, rules and statutes concerning education, training and other affairs.

The Office is charged with advising and consulting USSH's Rector on legal issues related to the organization and functioning of USSH, ensuring the University closely adhere to the laws and legal mandates. Its main objectives are:


  • Develop documents related to USSH's inspection activities.
  • Suggest and apply measures to improve the efficiency of inspection activities.
  • Inspect and supervise USSH's activities related to the implementation of the State's policies and laws, and the rules and regulations of the Education sector, VNU and USSH. 
  • Inspect the implementation of training objectives, programs and plans of the University, its units and lecturers and staff; training and research management; and activities of learners at different levels and modules and other assigned tasks. 
  • Coordinate with other units' leaders to direct and support their inspection activities.
  • Make reports on personnel to be submitted to the Rector concerning the establishment of inspection delegations and groups tasked with inspecting, validating and suggesting solutions to the issues within the Rector's authority.
  • Examine and make conclusions to the Rector on the issues related to complaints and accusations within the University's authority.
  • Coordinate with the Party's Committee's Inspection Committee, the Union's Inspection Committee and the People's Inspection Commission to resolve the issues related to the Party's Committee, the Union's and the Commission's inspection activities.
  • Coordinate with relevant units to prepare the documents and other items for receiving and working with the citizens according to rules and regulations.
  • Coordinate with other units to inspect, supervise and evaluate the implementation of the University's plans and objectives and the Rector's conclusions and instructions.
  • Coordinate with the relevant offices to inspect and supervise activities related to the reward and punishment of staff, lecturers and students.
  • Complete other assignments related to the organization and running of USSH and other tasks given by the Rector.

Legal affairs

  • Develop legal documents related to the University's legislation.
  • Suggest and apply measures to improve the efficiency of inspection activities.
  • Assist the Rector and leaders of other units in resolving legal issues; protect the legitimate rights and interests of USSH and its units, staff, officers, workers and students.
  • Assist the Rector and leaders of other units in contributing to the drafting of legal normative documents submitted by the units; inquire the authorities about the amendment and revision or issuance of these documents.
  • Give legal feedback on the documents drafted by the functional offices before submitting them to the Rector.
  • Coordinate with other units to publish and communicate the State's laws and USSH's rules, statutes and regulations to USSH's staff, lecturers, workers and students; inspect and supervise activities aimed at raising the legal awareness of USSH's staff.
  • Coordinate with other relevant units to assist the Rector in examining and inspecting the implementation of legal normative documents issued by the State; the instructions and directives issued by the Rector and USSH's units; offer suggestions to prevent and resolve the consequenses caused by violations of the laws, rules and regulations of USSH and its units. 
  • Coordinate with the relevant units to organize training courses aimed at improving legal knowledge and skills for the legal staff at the units; participate in training and professional courses on legal affairs held by the Ministry of Education and Training, VNU and other relevant bodies.
  • Make reports on the inspection activities to the Rector and superior authorities.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Rector.

Board of leaders


MA. Nguyen Van Thuy


Room 406, 408, block E - Office for meeting citizens


No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 35580805; (024) 38585241


Responsible for assisting the Rector in the management, planning, training and improvement of staff and officers; consolidating the organizational system; providing awards and certificates. Its main tasks are:

  • Develop plans to consolidate the University's organizational structure and personnel in accordance with its strategies and development plans.
  • Advice on developing and compiling regulatory documents regarding personnel affairs.
  • Manage the establishment of new units and reformation and renaming of old units (separation/integration/disbandment)
  • Identitfy the number and positions of officers and develop personnel plans for the University's units.
  • Manage the recruitment and employment of salaried staff.
  • Evaluate the performance of staff.
  • Coordinate the activities concerning reward and punishment.
  • Coordinate the appoinment, re-appoinment and dismission of staff.
  • Mobilize and transfer staff.
  • Train and improve the professional skills of staff.
  • Manage the provision of promotion, seniority allowance, and sectoral transferring and appoinment.
  • Manage the verification of 'associate professors' and 'professors' titles.
  • Implement policies concerning social welfare and security, and personnel development policies as prescribed by the University.
  • Inspect the staff participating in domestic and overseas activities, conferences, workshops, and training sessions while doing their research
  • Manage and update staff's profiles.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the Rector in accordance with the Office's functions.

Board of Leaders


Dr. Ngo Thi Kieu Oanh

Vice Dean

MA. Nguyen Tich Nghi


Room 602, 603 block E, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 38585246


Functions and tasks

The Office for Planning and Finance is a unit of USSH tasked with advising and helping the Rector in managing and collecting information, and organizing activities related to financial and asset management and accounting services. Its main tasks are:

  • Make records to account for the University's saving and spending situations according to the existing regulations provided by the State.
  • Develop fiscal plan for each academic year; make tentative expense forecasts, provide accounting services and financial reports concerning USSH's subsidized budgets and other self-raised funds according to the Budget law and existing regulations.  
  • Timely and properly collect tuition fees from students at different levels; collect all the liabilities of business units according to the Rector's regulations, and the obligations of staff and officers according to existing regulations; advice the Board of Rectors on generating revenue for the University.
  • Coordinate the compilation, editing and admendment of internal spending rules and submit budget allocation plans to the Rector for approval; create annual financial assessments at each training level to be reviewed by the Rector.
  • Manage the salary, social security, health insurance, unemployment insurance and accident insurance of staff and officers; calculate salary, overtime payment and other benefits for staff, officers, lecturers and contract employees; calculate scholarship and other grants for students and reimbursements for students if prescribed by the Rector and all the expenses relating to teaching and research activities, facility development and repair and equipment procurement.
  • Instruct and communicate about the State's financial and accounting policies, promote its documents concerning financial management, and inspect the units that make revenue and utilize the University's budget.
  • Finalize the University's printed tax forms and receipts, return personal added tax and inspect the University's accounts at the state treasury and banks.  
  • Coordinate with other relevant units to efficiently and economically use the University's financial and material assets. 
  • Plan and carry out annual inventory assessments according to the State's regulations. 
  • Forecast and pay the expenses related to the repair of the University's fixed assets and basic infrastructures.  
  • Make statistics and reports on the financial activities according to existing accounting regulations; preserve and archive accounting records and statistics according to the State's existing regulations. 

Board of leaders


MA. Le Thi Quyen

Vice Dean

MA. Kim Thi Diep Ha


Room 403, block E, USSH-VNU

336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 35576122



The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities was created on August 31st, 2015 according to the license no 155/GP-BVGTT dated May 11th 2015 of the Ministry of Information and Communication. It is the official academic publication of USSH, VNU, with 6 regular issues/year (4 in Vietnamese and 2 in English) and 2-3 special editions/year.

The Journal has the following functions and objectives:

  • Publish and introduce research papers in the field of social sciences and humanities of domestic and foreign authors; with an emphasis on those that promote innovation and creativity. The Journal mainly provides research articles, discussions, book reviews and information on science.
  • Ensure the quality of the articles and the journal according to international standards.
  • Present and suggest solutions for the political, economic, social and cultural issues in Vietnam through academic journals.
  • Ensure the diversity and up-to-dateness of the articles according to social, cultural and human demands and the development of social sciences and humanities.
  • Create specialized editions dealing with fundamental and urgent academic issues.
  • Promote the process of international integration by publishing the English versions in a systematic way; link up and coordinate with the Office for Research Afffairs, Office for Cooperation and Development, the faculties and research units to introduce and promote the Journal to other countries.
  • Manage the sending-reception-feedback and publication of articles by the Management software; publish online open articles before officially publishing them on the Journal.
  • Cooperate with foreign publishing houses/journals and databases to have the English editions presented at some of the foreign publishers; and the articles archived in international databases.

Organizational Structure


Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh

Deputy Editor-in-chief

Assoc. Prof. Dr Vu Van Quan

Dean of the Board of Editors

Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Tuan Anh

Vice Dean of the Board of Editors

MA. Phan Van Kien

The Council of editors

Prof. Dr Nguyễn Văn Khánh, Dean


Prof. Dr Phạm Quang Minh, Vice Dean


Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Tuan Anh, Secretary


Prof. Carlyle Thayer

New South Wales University, Australia

Prof. David Marr

Australian National University

Prof. Luong Van Hy

Toronto University, Canada

Prof. Furuta Motoo

Vietnam-Japan University,VNU

Prof. Oscar Salemink

Copenhagen University, Denmark

Prof. Peter Zinoman

Canifornia-Berkeley University, US

Prof. Dr Mai Ngoc Chu


Prof. Ha Minh Duc


Prof. Dr Pham Van Duc


Prof. Dr Tran Thi Minh Duc


Prof. Dr Dinh Van Duc


Prof. Sci Dr Vu Minh Giang

VNU Hanoi

Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Manh Ha

Institute of the Party's History, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

Assoc. Prof. Dr Vo Manh Ha

Ho Chi Minh University of Economics

Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Xuang Hang


Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Thi Minh Hoa


Prof. Dr Le Ngoc Hung

Institute for Sociology, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

Prof. Dr Do Quang Hung


Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Quang Hung


Assoc. Prof. Dr  Dang Thi Thu Huong


Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim


Prof. Phan Huy Le

Vietnam Society of Historical Science

Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Long


Assoc. Prof. Dr Lam Ba Nam


Prof. Dr Vu Duc Nghieu


Prof. Nguyen Van Nhat

Institute for Historical Studies, VASS

Prof. Dr Nguyen Quang Ngoc

Institute for Vietnamese Studies and Development Science, VNU

Prof. Vu Duong Ninh


Prof. Dr Phùng Hữu Phú

The Central Council on Theory

Assoc. Prof. Dr Vu Van Quan


Assoc. Prof. Dr  Nguyen Kim Son


Assoc. Prof. Dr Hoang Anh Tuan


Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Thi Vinh

Hanoi University of Pedagogy

Prof. Dr Tran Ngoc Vuong


Functional units

  • The Editing Unit
  • The Office-Administrative Unit


Room 201-202, block D, USSH-VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 35581984



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