• 1973: the Major of Library Science was offered at Faculty of History, Hanoi General University.

  • 1996: the Major of Library Science became an independent unit known as the Division of Information and Library Science, USSH, VNU Hanoi.

  • 2004-now: Faculty of Information and Library Science was formed by merging the Division of Information and Library Science and the Center of Informatics of USSH, VNU Hanoi.


Faculty of Information and Library Science, USSH, VNU Hanoi is the leading institution in researching and training high-quality human resources; creating and disseminating knowledge about information and library science for the sake of national construction and development.

Prominent achievements

The Faculty has trained many generations of students that are now holding integral positions in the big information and library centers nationwide. In its process of development, the Faculty has received many awards and accolades thanks to its contributions and achievements, especially:

  • The Labor Medal of the 3rd Order

  • Certificate of merit from Ministry of Education and Training

  • Certificate of merit from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • Certificate of merit from the VNU's Director

  • Certificate of merit from the Rector for excellent achievements in the period of 2010-2015

  • Title of Excellent Unit in 16 consecutive years  

Development orientations

  • Improve and extend cooperation with training institutions, agencies, organizations, businesses and international organizations in training and research.

  • Develop a staff specialized in the field of library and information science and management, being able to use foreign languages well and produce international publications.

  • Utilize technologies in training activities.

Undergraduate level

  • Bachelor of Information and Library Science

  • Bachelor of Information Management

Graduate level

  • Master of Information and Library Science

  • Doctor of Information and Library Science

Other training modules

  • Part-time courses

  • Short-term courses with certificates

Research orientations

  • The basic theories of library and information science.

  • Study and develop disciplines related to the collection, treatment, storing, distribution and organization of information services.

  • Apply science and information technology in information and library administration.

  • Apply information management in the information system of businesses. 

Academic conferences

  • International conferences: focus on global issues concerning Vietnam's integration with the world in the field fo library-information and information management. 

  • Domestic conferences: focus on the inter-disciplinary issues influencing Vietnam's general development policies, orientations and strategies. 

  • Sectional workshops and special seminars: focus on each of the specialty, and the professional evaluation of each field of library-information and information management.

Main research fields in Vietnam:

  • Develop the information capability of each individual and their life-long learning capability.

  • Right to access information and inequality in accessing information.

  • Open access, open academic sources, open publication and open education. 

  • Information management in businesses.

  • Study the necessary human resources and skills for library staff and information specialists.

Science and technology consulting

  • Consult on the application of science and technology in library and information activities. 

  • Consult on the modernization and application of information technology in library management. 

  • Consult development of systems of information management and modern library organization. 

  • Provide research, survey and evaluation services in the field information and library. 

  • Provide information-related services such as information/documents processing and database development. 

  • Consult on the development of modern library services and products.

  • Training services: short-term and long-term courses dealing with information-library professional skills. 

  • Develop information systems for medium and small enterprises. 

Areas of cooperation

  • Cooperation in training and exchanging experts

  • Cooperation in research and applying science and technology

  • Connect all the entities that conduct new applied research in Vietnam

  • International seminars and conferences.

Notable cooperative projects

  • Improve the capability of the youth in right to access information. In collaboration with Center for Education Promotion and Empowerment of Women. Sponsored by the Canadian government.

  • Improve the information capability for students of USSH, VNU Hanoi. Sponsored by the Australian Government.

  • Promote the development of open education resources in Vietnam towards sharing free knowledge and open access to these resources. In collaboration with professional societies, government agencies, libraries and universities. Sponsored by UNESCO.

  • Lên - developing libraries for impoverished areas in Vietnam. Cooperation with several individuals and organizations.


  • Leading universities in the world that offers programs of library-information and information management: Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), South of Australia University (Australia), Queensland University of Technology (Australia), Simmons College (America)

  • International organizations: IFLA, UNESCO, Open Development Mekong, wikiHow, Land Portal, etc.

  • Government bodies: Canadian, American, Australian embassies, etc.

  • Technology companies: Bao Ninh, IDT, D&L, Nam Hoang, CMC, Hien dai, Icando…

  • Professional societies: Vietnam Library Association, Vietnam Association of Science and Technology Information, library federations.

  • Libraries and information centers nationwide.

  • Faculties and universities offering the same majors.