Faculty of Literature is one of oldest and largest units at USSH, VNU Hanoi. Founded in 1956, having changed its name several times to Faculty of Society, Faculty of Literature-History, Faculty of Linguistics and Literature, Faculty of Literature and had its location removed many times in the Vietnam war, the Faculty has been through more than 60 years of development. Since October 1996, the Faculty has entered a new stage of development within VNU, becoming a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted and high-quality institution of Vietnam in the Renovation area.


With one of the longest traditions among the faculties of USSH, VNU and notable reputation in literary research and training, Faculty of Literature is tasked with training high-quality and knowledgable human resources gifted with a democratic, academic and humanistic spirit of literature and arts that serve the cause of national construction and development.

The Faculty's philosophy of education is Basic knowledge - Independent thinking - Proactive adaption

Prominent achievements

In recent years, the Faculty of Literature has regularly received awards and certificates of merit at different levels, such as: the Labor Medal of the Third order 1995, Labor Medal of the Second order 2001. The Faculty has been granted 38 certificates of merit and 18 diplomas of merit from the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam General Labor Federation, Hanoi General University, and VNU. For many years, the Faculty has received the title of Excellent Labor Unit from USSH.

Three divisions within the Faculty have received Diploma of Merit from the Prime Ministry: Division of Literary Theory (2001), Division of Vietnamese Modern Literature (2001), and Division of Vietnamese Folk and Medieval Literature (2004).

Development orientations

Our objective until 2020 is to develop the Faculty into a trans-disciplinary unit that covers the fields of literature, arts and philology, integrating with the international academic environment and effectively serving the cause of national industrialization and modernization.

The Faculty aims to extend the current scope of teaching and research; consolidate and modernize the traditional areas; strengthen the internationalized activities, from international relations to publications; develop some new majors and minors; and to continuously combine research with training.

Undergraduate level

  • Bachelor of Literature.

  • Bachelor of Advanced Literature

  • Bachelor of Chinese-Nom.

  • Part-time Bachelor of Chinese-Nom (at the Vietnam Buddhist Academy).

Graduate training

  • Master of Vietnamese Literature

  • Master of Folk Literature

  • Master of Literary Theory

  • Master of Foreign Literature

  • Master of Chinese-Nom

  • Master of Theory, History and Criticism of Film and Television

  • Doctor of Vietnamese Literature

  • Doctor of Folk Literature

  • Doctor of Literary Theory

  • Doctor of Foreign Literature

  • Doctor of Chinese-Nom

Short-term training

  • Writing skills for film and television

One of the leading institutions dealing with Vietnamese folk and modern literature, Chinese-Nom, Literary theory, Oriental literary traditions (Chinese, Indian, Southeast and Northeast Asia), Western (US-UK) literature and Arts Studies, the Faculty of Literature focuses deeply on literary theory, national literary studies, Chinese-Nom, folk culture, foreign literature and arts studies. In addition, the Faculty gradually improves inter-disciplinary research to include other cultural, artistic and ancient language areas in order to integrate with the international environment.

In around 20 years (1996 to 2017), the Faculty published hundreds of textbooks, monographs, and reference books. For 60 years, the Faculty held over 80 conferences from Division level to international level; and completed hundreds of research projects at University, Ministry, VNU and State levels. In the academic year 2017-2018, the Faculty takes part in holding an international conference on Journalism and the paradigmatic changes in Vietnamese culture and literature in the early 20th century.

The Faculty currently designs the program "History of Vietnamese national literature" and the program "Vietnamese national Chorography". Its staff have been chairing many projects at VNU, Ministry and State levels.

With the aim of integrating the Faculty with the international academic environment, in recent years, the Faculty has increasingly promoted cooperation with domestic foreign partners such as the Institute of Literature, Institute of Chinese-Nom, Buddhist Academy, Literature Publisher, Women Publisher, and Youth Publisher as well as foreign partners such as Aix Marseille University, Paris 7 University (France); Charles University (Czech Republic); Cheng Kung University, the Taiwan Museum of Modern Literature, and Tainan Bureau of Cultural Affairs (Taiwan, China). 

The Faculty of Literature holds an academic event once a month in the form of a seminar that deals with important issues, introduces new research projects or literary works. This is the result of cooperation with other domestic research units and publishers with critical and societal acclaim. The Faculty has helped introduced such books as Những đứa trẻ mắc zịch (Tran Nha Thuy, in collaboration with Youth Publisher), Mộ phần tuổi trẻ (Huynh Trong Khang, in collaboration with Nha Nam Company), Huyền thoại Kim thiếp vũ môn (Tran Gia Ninh, in collaboration with Literature Publisher)…

In addition, the Faculty strengthens international cooperation by inviting professors, researchers and writers from all over the world to deliver specialized talks such as: seminar with Prof. Colas Duflo, Paris Nanterre University; the seminar "The similarities and differences between Taiwanese and Vietnamese literatures" with Prof. Chang Wen Chi (Chengkung University, Taiwan); the lecture "The introduction of journeys through travel literature in the Heian-Edo era" given by Prof Kuramoto Kazuhiro; the presentation on Vietnamese literature of diplomatic missions by Chen Yuan (Chengkung University, Taiwan); and the course on Chinese-Vietnamese phonetics for graduates majoring Chinese-Nom by Prof. Shimizyu Masaaki (Osaka University, Japan). The Faculty has received interns from Taiwan and held free Summer courses on Chinese language for its students - in collaboration with the Faculty of Chinese literature, Kinmen University (Taiwan).