The Faculty of Philosophy, Hanoi General University (now USSH, VNU Hanoi) was founded by the Vietnam Communist Party's General Secretariat, Ministry of Higher education and professional Middle school (now Ministry of Education and Training) in September, 1976. This establishment was especially important, proving that the Vietnam State and Party's profound understanding and awareness of the development of such basic sciences as Philosophy in Vietnam. The introduction of the Faculty of Philosophy in Hanoi General University helped expand the University's training scope on the 20th anniversary of its foundation.


To pioneer the training of high-quality human resources, studying and disseminating knowledge of Philosophical theories and Marxist-Leninism for the sake of national construction and development.

Development orientations

Focus on designing and reforming some of the portions dealing with Marxist-Leninist philosophy, History of Philosophy and Oriental and Western Religious Studies, based on advanced regional standards by learning from other international programs, retraining lecturers, and improving academic exchanges with the more advanced regional and international partnerships.  

Undergraduate level

Regular and advanced bachelor's programs based on 5 majors:

  • Marxist-Leninist Philosophy

  • History of Philosophy

  • Scientific socialism

  • Aesthetics - Ethics

  • Logic

Graduate level

  • Master of Philosophy

  • Master of Scientific Socialism

  • Doctor of Historical Materialism and Dialectical Materialism

  • Master of Scientific Socialism

Short-term training

  • Short-term course providing certificates for students completing the subjects related to political theory.

  • Short-term course on Applying Oriental philosophies in Horoscope, fengshui and phrenology.

Main research orientations

  • History of Vietnamese ideas, culture, society and people; the characteristics and particularities of Vietnamese culture, society, religions and beliefs, political systems and state models.

  • The unique development models and paths of Vietnam; the advantages, opportunities and challenges faced by Vietnam in the development progress; Vietnam's development philosophies, theories and models in relation and comparison with those of the other countries. Perform the function of Philosophy: "Study theory, summarize the reality, predict ongoing trends, and provide reasonings for the creation of development policies and guidelines in the new era".

  • Characteristics of the current Vietnamese society; the transition from an agricultural to an industrialized society; the transformations of social structure, the emergence of new social groups and forces. 

  • Changes in moral and aesthetic perceptions and traditional culture, and the introduction of new values as well as the need to create and direct these values based on which to guide public thinking and actions. 

  • Solutions for preserving and promoting the cultural and religious identities of the ethnic groups residing in the the Northwest Vietnam, Central Highlands and Southwest Vietnam.

Prominent research projects in progress

  • The methodology of dialectical materialism and its application in studying the socialist-driven market economy in Vietnam today, VNU level, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Thuy Van.

  • The position of Vietnamese philosophical ideas in the current context of integration. VNU level, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Vu Hao.

  • Eco-philosophy and its application in social development in Vietnam today. VNU level, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Cong Nhat.

During its early period, due to external constraints, the Faculty primarily maintained relations with the research and training institutions of the socialist countries such as USSR, Czechoslovakia, and the Democractic Republic of Germany.

Now, the Faculty enjoys relations with over 20 international partners such as:

  • Passau University, Humbolt University, Aachen Academy of Mission, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) (Germany).

  • Toulouse University, Paris VII, VIII Universities (France).

  • Moscow State University, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)

  • Columbia University, Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Center of Philosophy, Culture and Society, Temple University (America).

  • Fujen University, Taipei National University, Institute of Open Society (Taiwan).

  • Beijing University, Huatong University of Science and Technology (China).

  • Gadja Mada University - Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

  • International Federation of Philosophical Societies


The Faculty has been sponsored by DAAD, the Taiwan Institute of Open Society and UNESCO to hold international conferences, publish proceedings and hold the Philosophy Olympiad. Since 2005, the Faculty has invited many professors from America, Germany, France, Russia, China and Taiwan, etc. to give specialized talks and lectures to its staff, undergraduates and graduates.