Faculty of Psychology, USSH is one of the most prestigious institutions in Vietnam that teach and study psychology. Its predecessor is the Division of Psychology of the Hanoi General University's Faculty of Philosophy (1977) tasked with teaching General Psychology for students. On December 10th, 1997, according to Decision no 644/TCCB of the VNU's Director, the Faculty of Psychology was founded as an independent faculty with its own function, mainly tasked with providing undergraduate and graduate training and research of Psychology.


To become a prestigious institution that trains high-quality human resources in the field of psychology, both in theory and practice, meeting the societal demands in mental health services. The Faculty's vision is to improve the quality of its training and research activities concerning different areas of Psychology, serving the societal demands and gradually integrating with the world.

Prominent achievements

With the above mission, up to now, the Faculty has produced 21 batches of graduates from regular courses and is training 4 batches of regular students and 3 batches of advanced students. For 21 years, the Faculty has produced 1400 bachelors, 225 masters and 10 doctors. The current numbers of students enrolling in the Faculty's courses are 370 undergraduates, 60 master's candidates (including 9 candidates in the internationally-standardized program) and 20 research fellows. With an interactive learning environment that includes academic research, students are allowed to maximine their creativity, knowledge and skills in order to best prepare themselves for job-hunting, with varied positions upon graduation such as lecturer, researcher, psychology consultant and mental health assessor, academic psychologist, recruitment staff, etc. working for such institutions as hospitals, schools, psychology support-intervention centers, NGOs, businesses, and community projects.

Undergraduate level

  • Regular and Advanced Bachelor of Psychology

Students choose one among the four specialties: Clinical psychology, consulting psychology, social psychology, management-business psychology.

Graduate level

  • Research-based Master of Psychology

  • Applied Master of Clinical Psychology

  • Master of Child and Adolescent Psychology (international joint-training program taught in French).

  • Doctor of Psychology.

Short-term training: provide knowledge and psychological skills, soft skills and transitional courses for students wanting to enroll in graduate programs.

In order to improve the Faculty's quality of training and international cooperation, academic research has become a duty of its staff, research fellows, master's candidates and students. Up to now, some of the Faculty's official staff have participated in 75 research projects (02 at state level; 11 at Ministry level; 02 at provincial level; 39 at VNU level; and 21 at university level); 8 international projects; published 19 monographs, 40-50 articles in prestigious domestic and international journals, 29 textbooks, lectures, and its students produce around 15 to 20 research papers annually.

The Faculty's current main research orientations are:

  • Socio-psychological issues of different social groups.

  • Socio-psychological issues related to climate change and non-traditional security.

  • Issues concerning mental health.

  • Issues caused by mental illnesses in the medical, academic, community and work settings.

The Faculty has held and co-held 10 successful international conferences:

  • "Children-Culture-Education", Hanoi, October 2000.

  • "Children, adolescents and psychology support", Hanoi, November 2003.

  • "Rural migration and regional development", Quebec-Canada, November 2005.

  • "Rural areas in the transitional progress", Hanoi, November 2006.

  • "Culture in globalization", Hanoi, July 2007.

  • "Culture in globalization - the psychological approach", Hanoi, July 24th-25th, 2008.

  • "Demands, orientations and the training of Academic Psychology in Vietnam", November 2010.

  • "Psychological injuries faced by the victims of agent orange during the Vietnam war and models of psychological support", Hanoi, March 2010.

  • "Training, researching and applying Psychology in the context of international integration", November 2012.

  • "Psychological traumas and supportive activities", November 2016.

From November 28th to December 1st, 2017, the Faculty and the International Association of Applied Psychology, the International Test Commission, Chinese Psychological Society and Australian Psychological Society held the first Southeast Asia Regional Conference of Psychology with the theme "Human well-being and sustainable development".

In Vietnam, the Faculty has relations with universities such as the Ho Chi Minh USSH, University of Labor and Social Affairs, Hanoi Law Univeristy, Hanoi University of Education, with government agencies such as the Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Social sciences and Humanities-Ministry of National Defense, Military Technology Academy, Institute for Mental health - Bach Mai Hospital, VASS) and other organizations such as the Association of business administrators. These relations help the Faculty employ skilled visiting lecturers in training activities, and also help the Faculty's students find job and internship opportunities in credited domestic organizations.

At the international level, the Faculty has relations with University of Toulous II - Jean Jaures (France), Gdansk University (Poland), Campinas University (Brazil), Aix-Marseille University (France), Olso General University (Norway), Lenin Pedagogical University (Russia), etc.  

In particular, the Faculty has shared 20 years of cooperation with the psychologists from Toulouse II University with the assistance of the Francophonie University Association (AUF), the French embassy to Vietnam, and Association for the Development of Education and Psychology in Southeast Asia (ADEPASE). The joint program between USSH and the French psychologists started in 1995 and focuses on training practical Vietnamese psychologists specializing in Child Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Through this cooperation, trans-cultural studies are produced and a network of child and adolescent clinical psychological practitioners in Hanoi.

The result of this cooperation is the introduction of the major of Clinical Psychology in French in October, 2001, a feature of the Faculty that is different from other Psychology programs offered by other higher education institutions in Vietnam. Therefore, it can be said that the Faculty is the pioneer in training clinical psychology at university's level in Vietnam.