• In 1991, Faculty of Sociology-Psychology was established according to the decision of Minister of Education and Training.

  • In 1997, VNU's Director decided to split Faculty of Sociology-Psychology into two faculties: Faculty of Sociology and Faculty of Psychology.

  • Since 2006, apart from training Sociology, the Faculty has been offering the major of Social Work.


To be pioneer in training high-quality human resources, creating and disseminating in-depth and broad knowledge of sociology and social work, contributing to national construction and development.

Prominent achievements

With a high-quality staff consisting of 01 Prof. Dr, 07 Assoc. Prof. Drs, 07 Doctors, 11 research fellows and 3 masters (2017), the Faculty has made the following achievements:

  • Training: annually, the Faculty trains around 160 bachelors, 80 masters, 10 research fellows majoring either Sociology or Social work, and also collaborates with some ministries, sectors and bodies to hold many short-term courses on Sociology and Social work. 

  • Research: 100% of the Faculty's staff have chaired and participated in research projects at different levels and both inside and outside Vietnam. In the year 2016-2017, the Faculty's members published 01 article on a ISI/Scopus journal, 03 international papers and many other papers at international conferences and prestigious domestic journals. Averagely, each faculty produces 03 papers. 

  • International relations: the Faculty's international cooperation with other partners belonging to Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, America, etc. are regularly maintained and result in many products: the applied master's program of Sociology, master's program of Sociology, international conference's proceedings, books, articles or community development services and international research projects.

Development orientations: Motto: Solidarity - Sharing; Continued value; Comprehensive development.

  • Continue in-depth training at undergraduate level, develop basic and applied programs at master's level.

  • Strengthen research, international cooperation and social services.

  • Diversify and maximize the development resources in accordance with the motto: Solidarity - Creativity - Comprehensive development.

  • Update training programs for the sake of international integration.

Undergraduate training

  • Bachelor of Sociology

  • Bachelor of Social work

Graduate training

  • Master of Sociology (in Vietnamese)

  • Applied Master of Sociology in Public policy and business management (in French)

  • Research-based Master of Social work

  • Applied Master of Social work

  • Doctor of Sociology

  • Doctor of Social work (pilot program)

Short-term training

  • Short-term professional courses on Social work

  • Supplementary courses on Social work (for undergraduates wanting to enroll in the Master's and Doctoral programs on Social work).

  • Supplementary courses on Sociology (for undergraduates wanting to enroll in the Master's and Doctoral programs on Sociology).


Main research orientations

  • Rural transformation, agriculture, rural and urban areas in Vietnam; urban social services; public spaces; urbanization; community development; urban development, etc.

  • Cultural, education and religious implications of social transformations

  • Social welfare and security; social policy

  • Transformations of the Vietnamese families

  • Social work with different social groups (handicapped people; addicts; victims of school violence; seniors; single women; social work management; professional social work)

Prominent research themes currently pursued

  • Urbanization, urban social transformations and urban civilization.

  • Rural areas, agriculture, farmers and community development.

  • Social transformation and stratification in remote areas.

  • Culture, cultural transformations and the social aspects of tourism.

  • Social aspects of climate change.

  • Social welfare and security, the implementation of rights to social benefits and professional social work.

  • Public policy and social policy

  • Education, management and social policy

  • Medical sociology, health care and social work in the health care and hospital services.

  • Intervention in the social issues.

  • Management of traditional markets in Hanoi; the Vietnamese's social conduct at public places, etc.

Prominent research projects in progress

  • Project "Civilized urban wards" in Hanoi.

  • Project "Buddhism and Social work" with Japanese, Thai and Sri-Lankan partners.

  • Project of training high-quality human resources in applied social work concerning public policy and business management (MAPE) - with Toulouse 2 Jean-Jaurès University (France) since 2007.

  • Project Social Work Education Enhancement Program (SWEEP) chaired by San Jose State University (America) and sponsored by USAID (2012-2015).

  • Collaborate with Lund University (Sweden) to implement the program "Social Welfare Assessments: East Asian and Scandinavian Redistribution Models in a Global Context) (2012-2015).

  • Program "Multi-cultural families" with Degu University (South Korea) (2013-2015).

  • Training course "Supplementary certificates for graduates majoring social work" sponsored by UNICEF.

  • Joint training and research activities with Manster Metropolitan University (UK).

  • Pending project on youth violence with the Brazilian partners.

  • Continue the master's program "Public policy and business management" with the French partner.

  • Develop some new international joint projects.

  • Develop the joint master's training program on Social work with San Jose University (America) and implement the master's program on "Public and business management" according to the 16+23 program (in collaboration with France)


  • Domestic: Institute of Sociology (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences), Vietnam Association of Sociology, Association of Social work, universities, training and research institutes dealing with Sociology and Social work.

  • Foreign: Toulouse 2 Jean-Jaurès University, Paris 7 University (France); Shukutoku University, Fukushima University, International Development Center of Japan; San Jose State University, University of Michigan, Washington General University (America); Wallonie – Bruxelles Delegation, Louvain University (Belgium); Lund University (Sweden); Humbolt General University, Institute of Sociology, Bielefeld University (Germany); Moscow State University (Russia); University of Łódź (Poland); Radda Barnen; British Council; UNFPA; UNICEF; SIDA; Toyota Foundation..