Achievements and orientations:

Since its establishment in 1995, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) has always paid attention to international cooperation.


  • Signed 273 memoranda of understanding (MOU) with international universities, research institutes, funds and organizations in the world.

  • Been implementing international training programs in the form of 2+2 and 3+1 models. Each year over 300 international students enroll in these programs at USSH.

  • Been holding different international programs and projects to improve the capability of USSH’s managers, lecturers, researchers and students; and inviting foreign experts to teach and do research at USSH.

  • Brought overseas scholarships (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) to lecturers, staff and students; brought many domestic and international scholarships to talented and underprivileged students.


  • Continue to maintain and consolidate relations with traditional partners; develop more relations with new partners by effectively choosing partners and picking high-ranking regional and global partners.

  • Develop high-quality international joint programs and projects, research proposals, which greatly contribute to USSH’s strategy of education internationalization.

  1. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Tokyo University, Daito Bunka University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Senshu University (Japan);
  2. Prince University, San Jose State University, Utah University, California State University, Monterey(US)
  3. Greisfswald University, Humboldt University, Passau University, Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany);
  4. Moscow State University (Russia);
  5. National University, Nanyang University (Singapore)
  6. Taiwan National University, Shanghai University of Foreign Studies, Guangxi University, Yunnan University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (China);
  7. Yonsei University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Inha University (South Korea);
  8. National University, New South Wales University (Australia);
  9. Victoria University – Wellington (New Zealand);
  10. Lund University, Stockholm University (Sweden);
  11. Nottingham University, Stirling University (UK);
  12. Paris II, III, VII Universities, Toulouse II University (France)


International projects that have been conducted by USSH’s units greatly contribute to improving teaching and research quality, developing curricula, producing masters and doctors, and compiling and publishing documents and textbooks. With financial support from international organizations and funds, the University has held many international conferences, attracting famous scholars, invited many reputed foreign lecturers and scientists to teach and give presentations, and allowed many of its lecturers to study and participate in academic exchanges overseas to further uphold its image, brand and reputation.  

Some of USSH’s prominent projects: Collaboration in Religious Studies (sponsored by Institute of Missiology, Germany); Film Studies; Develop the Division of Anthropology (sponsored by Ford Foundation), the Anthropology Project (sponsored by the French Development Agency); Develop the Doctorate Program and improve the teaching and research capability of anthropologists (sponsored by Wenner Gren Foundation, the US); Improve the teaching of European studies in Vietnam (sponsored by Jean Monnet Foundation, European Commission); Develop capacity at USSH in basic areas of international studies in the context of rapid development (sponsored by the Republic of Ireland); Improve the information capability of first-year students at USSH, VNU Hanoi (sponsored by Small Grants Foundation, Australia); Open educational resources of Vietnam’s universities (sponsored by UNESCO);  Improve the understanding  and promote the participation of the youth in promoting access to information in Vietnam (sponsored by the Canadian Embassy in Hanoi); Excavate and study archeological sites at Thach Lac, Ha Tinh (sponsored by the Australia National University), and Improve the Innovation and Research Capability in Vietnam – ENHANCE.