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USSH has been offering short-term courses on Vietnamese studies for students from the Victoria University (Australia); Beijing University, Beijing University for Finance and Economics, Guangdong University for Foreign Studies, Guangxi University for Finance and Economics (China); Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Mahidol University, Silpakorn University, Thammasat University (Thailand); California State University, Fullerton, California State University, Long Beach, Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), Princeton University, University of Puget Sound (USA) and joint training programs under the model 3+1, 2+2 with partner universities such as: Guangxi University, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Sichuan International Studies University, Southwest Forestry University, Yunnan University for Finance and Economics, Yunnan University for Nationalities (China); Busan University of Foreign Studies, Chungwoon University (South Korea).

USSH is now cooperating with the Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France) to offer joint training MA. programs in Management of Public Action and Enterprises and Psychology for the Development of Infants and Adolescents and with University of Stirling (UK) to run the joint training MA. program in Communications Management.


USSH has been implementing many important research projects and collaborating with different domestic and international agencies in carrying out national, regional, and international research programs. These activities have practically and effectively contributed to the socio-economic, cultural and political developments of the country. Many international symposia and conferences with the participation of prestigious national and international scholars have been hosted by USSH and its partners.

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