Các công trình công bố trên các tạp chí thuộc hệ thống ISI/Scopus năm 2016

1. Thạch Mai Hoàng; Development of Primatology and Primate Conservation in Vietnam: Challenges and Prospects;American Anthropologist, USA;1548-1433; ISI/Q1;Vol.118, Issue1/2016, pp.130-136

2.Trần Văn Kham; Social Construction of Public Intellectuals in Vietnam: Current Situation and Potential Changes; Social Indicators Research; 0303-8300 (Print) 1573-0921 (Online); ISI/ Q1; 18tr;3/2016

3. Đào Thanh Trường; Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Anh (tác giả phụ); Land cover-based ecosystem service assessment of irrigated rice cropping systems in Southeast Asia: an explorative study; Ecosystem Services;2212-0416; ISI/Q1; Vol.14; 8/2015

4. Trương Thị Khánh Hà (tác giả phụ); Measurement of Psychological Entitlement in 28 Countries; http://dx.doi.org/10.1027/1015-5759/a000286
European Journal of Psychological Assessment; 1015-5759; ISI/Q2; 10/2015

5. Trần Văn Kham; Challenges for social work Education in Vietnam: Voice of social work students; Social work and Social Sciences Review; 1746-6105 ; Scopus/Q3; Vol 18, no.2, pp.7-24; 4/2016

6. Phạm Quang Minh; ASEAN’s Indispensable Role in Regional Construction*; Asia Pacific Review;  1343-9006; Scopus/Q3; Vol.22, No.2; 10/2015

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