53 students received Korean language certificates

On 16th June, 2012, Seijong Korean Language Center, Hanoi, USSH, held a certificates awarding ceremony for batch 4’s learners. Over 53 students received their certificates at all levels.

Seijong Korean Language Center, Hanoi was established in 2011 on the foundation of cooperation program between USSH and Foreign Languages ​​University, Pusan, Korea, under the sponsorship and support of the Seijong Institute of Korean language, which is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, with the functions of promoting the image of Korea, particularly through the spreading out Korean language and culture abroad. Seijong Korean Language Center, Hanoi has the mission of teaching Korean language through short courses.

Prof. Dr. Pham Gia Lam – Director of the Center said that having been formed and developed on the basis of close cooperation between the two large universities of Vietnam and Korea, the center offered numerous advantages for the learners. Most of teachers here are native speakers who have knowledge and training skills, who were carefully selected to meet the professional standards of Pusan ​​University of Foreign Languages ​​and Seijong Institute of Korean language. If the learners continuously enroll all of the courses from beginning to advanced, it is expected that within one year, students will be able to study at Pusan ​​University of Foreign Languages ​​and many other universities in Korea. Pusan ​​University of Foreign Languages ​​also offers fee exemptions and discounts and priorities on dormitory for Vietnamese students who attended courses at the Seijong Korean Language Center, Hanoi.

Seijong Korean Language Center has attracted hundreds of students, of whom many have received scholarships for their academic excellence every year. In next courses, to support learning activities, Center will organize extra-curricular activities to help students better with their understanding and experiencing Korean culture.

At the awarding ceremony, Prof. Dr. Pham Gia Lam hoped that Vietnamese students and Korean teachers would serve as ambassadors to promote culture exchanges between the two countries .