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International conference "Recollections, memories, archival documents on Vietnam - humanity values seen from diverse perspectives"

The conference was held on October 24th at USSH, VNU Hanoi. It was an event co-organized by USSH, Aix Marseille University (France) and the Institute for Peace and Conflict-Texas Tech University (United States).
International conference

The conference gathered many international scholars from America, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, Sweden, China, etc. Over 60 papers focused on 3 main topics:

  • The humanity values from recollections, memories and archival documents on war and peace in Vietnam;
  • The humanity values from recollections, memories and archival documents on the economy and society of Vietnam;
  • The humanity values from recollections, memories and archival documents on the culture, education, science and history of Vietnam.

Some papers introduced the sources and blocks of archives in Vietnam and around the world related to all three topics.

Using a humanistic approach, the papers and speeches focused on documents reflecting the human life, the lingering historical memories and lessons from the past from the perspectives of domestic and foreign witnesses and researchers.

Apart from the scholars and historical witnesses, reporter Larry Berman - author of the book The perspect spy on the legendary Vietnamese intelligence agent Pham Xuan An, and reporter/photographer Ted Engleman - who helped return the copy of the diary of late revolutionary soldier Dang Thuy Tram from the US to her family in Vietnam, were also present. On the sidelines of the conference was the specialized photo exhibition titled "The rear in wartime" co-held by the 4th National Archives Center, the Youth Museum and USSH. 

A series of pictures taken at the conference:

 Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh (USSH's Rector) delivers his opening speech

International scholars from America, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, Sweden, China, etc.

Prof. Ron Milam (Institute of Peace and Conflict, Texas Tech University) delivers his opening remarks

Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Ngoc - representative of the Institute of Asian Studies, Aix Marseille University delivers her opening speech

Assoc.Prof.Dr Vu Thi Phung (Faculty of Archival Science and Office Management) delivers her paper at the plenary session

Prof. Larry Berman (University of California, US) presents his paper "The Arc and Humanity of Pham Xuan An’s Mysterious Life as
revealed in Archives and Interviews" at the plenary session on the importance of archival documents and the memories of individuals in helping him portray the character of one the most legendary Vietnamese reporters and secret agents.

Prof. Ron Milam presents his paper "Teaching the Vietnam War from the 'Bottom up' at the plenary session, which he ended by sharing that previously the American students thought of Vietnam only in terms of war, but Americans are making efforts to spread the message ""Vietnam is the country, not a war"

Author: Thanh Ha

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