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Strategy for scientific research until 2020, vision for 2030 kicked off

On August 8th, 2014, Assoc.Prof Pham Quang Minh (Vice Rector of USSH) chaired the meeting on the strategy for scientific research until 2020, vision for 2030. Participating in the meeting were leading representatives from offices, faculties, centers and divisions.
Strategy for scientific research until 2020, vision for 2030 kicked off

The strategy for scientific research focuses on developing and assessing USSH's current scientific activities by analyzing and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its staff, financial resources, international relations, research materials, and the chances and challenges in research activities.

To develop this strategy, departments are going to make a full assessment of their respective activities, propose research orientations and basic research projects until 2020 and 2030 and the conditions for their implementation. Each department will appoint 01 specialist to participate in the development of this strategy. As planned, at the beginning of September the strategy’s draft will have been completed. 

Also at this meeting, participants discussed and recognized some issues in research faced by VNU and USSH. Their main strong points are the University’s renowned and prestigious scholars, some of whom are reputable experts at national institutions dealing with socio-economic developments, and a fully-trained young cadre. The Univeristy has also established useful relations for research activities. However, some shortages were also mentioned such as the lack of a succeeding generation of researchers, unequal distribution of researchers among majors, and a deficient mindset and thinking of the science and technology market.

Author: Thanh Ha

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