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Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of University of Social Sciences and Humanities

On October 6th 2015, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) held the celebration of the 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of USSH at the National Convention Center
Commemoration of the 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Distinguished guests at the commemoration were Mr. Vu Duc Dam (Member of the Party’s Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam); Mr. Le Xuan Tung (Former member of the Politburo, Former secretary of Hanoi Party’s Committee); Mr. Dao Trong Thi (Member of the Party’s Central Executive Committee, President of the Committee for Culture, Education and Children of the National Assembly); Mr. Phung Huu Phu (Vice President of the Central Council of Theory); Mr. Nguyen The Ky (Vice President of the Committee for Propaganda); Mr. Nguyen Viet Thao (Vice Director of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics); Mr. Phung Xuan Nha (Alternate member of the Party's Central Committee, Director of Vietnam National University); Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh (Rector of USSH, VNU).

There were also international guests from American, Canadian, French, Russian, Iranian and Indian embassies to Vietnam; the Taiwan economic and cultural office in Hanoi; a delegation from the European Commission; AEON Corporation and Association of universities using French. Above all was the presence of 17 delegations from many universities in China, France, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand and representatives of more than 20 foreign partners.

70 years ago, on October 10th 1945, President Ho Chi Minh signed Decision no 45 to establish University of Literature, the precursor of USSH, VNU today. For 70 years of development, USSH gained important achievements in different areas from training and research to advising and counseling the Party and State. Successive generations of the University became excellent leaders, scientists, managers and experts, contributing to national construction and protection.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh (Rector of USSH) delivers his opening speech at the commemoration

USSH, VNU received many awards from the State such as the First Class Labor Decoration (1981), First Class Independence Decoration (2001), Heroic Labor Title since renovation (2005) and Order of Ho Chi Minh (2010).

Thanks to its continued achievements, the University was offered the second First Class Labor Decoration.

Speaking at the commemoration, Mr. Vu Duc Dam expressed his gratitude to generations of teachers, scientists, managers and staff of the University that had contributed their enthusiasm and intellect to the expansion of Vietnamese sciences and the cause of national liberation, construction and development.  

For 70 years, the University constantly strived for excellence to become a leading university in social sciences and humanities. Hundreds of bachelors, masters and doctors were trained and contributed to their country. A great deal of studies by experts and scientists in the University helped arouse the spirit of nationalism and heroic patriotism, discover and promote the national cultural identity, provide sound evidence to support Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty, and clarify Vietnam’s status and international relations with countries and organizations.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam congratulates the achivements made by USSH

The Deputy Minister emphasized: “The history of mankind has confirmed that the vitality and future of a nation depend not only on economic strength but more importantly on its culture and human power. Social sciences and humanities contribute to studying and synthesizing social dynamics, relations and structures, and humanistic issues. Therefore, all teachers, faculty and students of USSH are supposed to be pioneers that mobilize young generations and society as a whole to support national cultural values, promote patriotism and national pride, and stimulate collective strength and enthusiasm for the all-round development of Vietnam”.

He also confirmed his belief that with 70 years of achievements and traditions, USSH, VNU would further develop and become a high-quality research university in the system of regional and global universities.      

Author: Phuong Linh

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