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Vietnam-China Higher education Forum

On April 27th, 2018, the Vietnam-China Higher education Forum was co-held by USSH and the Global Education Services Company (GES) with the participation of 30 leading Chinese universities. Information and initiatives aimed at enhancing cooperation between Vietnamese and Chinese universities were introduced and discussed.

At this forum, Vietnamese and Chinese education managers and experts shared knowledge about bilateral higher education cooperation; facilitating connections and proposals; suggesting solutions to promoting bilateral cooperation among the two countries’ universities.

Speaking at the forum, Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim (USSH’s Vice Rector) spoke about USSH’s efforts in internationalizing its training and research activities to consistently improve its training quality and university governance, and adding to the current reserves of intellectual and scientific experiences of the region and the world at large. Thereby, USSH wished to improve mutual understanding and friendship among the regional countries. In this strategy, Chinese universities are among its most important partners. Many of its teachers and scholars trained at these universities made important contributions to VNU’s as well as Vietnamese education. On the other hand, the former Hanoi General University and current USSH have trained many Chinese students and learners, many of whom became talented Chinese scholars, managers and diplomats. The University together with its Chinese counterparts has also focused on training Vietnamese and Chinese language and culture, which is the basis for promoting comprehensive Sino-Vietnam historical and cultural cooperation.

The Chinese representatives at the Forum

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim further suggested discussing about the following objectives: first was to continue the consolidation and promotion of USSH’s cooperation with traditional partners such as Yunnan, Guangxi, Beijing and Shanghai; second was to strengthen research activities by holding conferences, seminars, academic forums and conducting common projects; third was to promote lecturer and student exchanges between USSH and its Chinese counterparts.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Kim speaks at the Forum

On behalf of the co-organizer, Mr. Li Xin Li (GES’ President) said in February, 2017, GES opened its representative office in Vietnam. Recognizing the country was interested in international student exchanges and based on the growing Sino-Vietnam bilateral relations, GES introduced many activities in Vietnam such as supporting more than 200 Chinese students in Vietnam and many other Vietnamese students in China; holding many courses under the framework of the project “One belt-one road”. This year’s forum was expected to be an important event in surveying the market and creating multi-layered and multi-faceted channels between the two countries’ universities.

Mr. Li Xin Li speaks at the Forum

Looking at the long history of Sino-Vietnam political and cultural relations, Prof. Dr. Sc Vu Minh Giang said the two countries share many cultural similarities and “adjacent rivers and mountains”, therefore they traditionally had ample opportunities to develop friendly cooperation in many areas. However, to continue to ensure sustainable cooperation, education and culture have to emphasized and prioritized. As such, the Sino-Vietnam higher education forum is a good initiative.

Prof. Dr. Sc Vu Minh Giang suggested a specific topic, namely applying China’s experiences in reforming higher education in the Vietnamese context. However, to genuinely reach the international stage, the Chinese and Vietnamese universities need to combine Eastern traditional cultural specialties with Western education advancements to maintain a healthy balance. Potential for bilateral cooperation is great but has to begin with understanding the needs of the two peoples, thereby developing proper cooperative programs that can bring forth mutual benefits.

Prof. Dr. Sc Vu Minh Giang speaks at the Forum

Highly appreciating the event’s significance, Mr. Peng Shi Tuan (Cultural Counselor of China’s Ambassador to Vietnam) said the Forum helped to realize common perception between the two Parties on the strategy for developing Sino-Vietnam cooperation. Since the 50-60s of the 20th century, China has sent not a few students to Vietnam to study Vietnamese. Bilateral exchanges have to be continued and upheld. Education exchanges between the two sides increased as more than 10,000 Vietnamese students are studying in China and over 1,000 Chinese students in Vietnam. Since 2017, with regard to educational, cultural and tourism exchanges, the two countries reciprocally enjoy over 10 millions of tourists, which is a big potential for development.

Mr. Peng Shi Tuan delivers his speech

On the same day, a Chinese education exhibition was held at Fortuna hotel (Hanoi) with information and graphics about Chinese universities, detailing their training programs, scholarships, and job opportunities to the Vietnamese youth.

Author: Thanh Ha

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