University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU Hanoi

Center for Assisting and Consulting Psychology

The Center for Assisting and Consulting Psychology (CACP) was established on July 29th 2004 with the following functions and tasks:

  • Study topics in the fields of Sociological Psychology, Psychology for managing businesses; launch and implement projects and papers in the field of mental health for students and other members of the society.

  • Provide practical skills for lecturers and students of Faculty of Psychology.

  • Advice on the personnel and management of businesses and other social organizations.

  • Provide psychological advice for students and other members of the society on academic, romantic, marital, familial and career orientation and academic psychology.

  • Provide therapeutic interventions to improve the mental health of children and adults.

  • Provide training courses on practical skills related to psychotherapy.

Board of Directors

Subordinate bodies:

  • The administrative unit.

  • Specialized units: Research, academic consulting, psychological consulting, information and archives.

Prominent activities

Training and research activities

Research Projects

  • The psychological characteristics of Vietnamese farmers during the opening area and international integration.

  • Job demands and opportunities for farmers in urbanized areas in Hanoi.

  • Psychological disturbance faced by highschool students and solutions.

  • The influence of Buddist beliefs on humans' psychological health.


  • Provide professional skills for undergraduates and graduates at the Faculty of Psychology.

  • Provide parenting skills for parents.

  • Provide young psychologists with knowledge and therapeutic skills.

  • Supervise young psychotherapists.

External relations

  • Cooperate with the Center for Treating Psychological Disturbances in Children (Department of Child Care and Protection, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Society).

  • Disseminate knowledge about child psychology.

  • Cooperate with the Association of Vietnamese young bussinesses and businessmen in supporting businesses. 

Provide psychological consultancy and intervention services

  • Provide psychological consultancy and intervention services for students troubled with academic and career problems.

  • Treat psychological problems of children and adolescents.

  • Treat anxiety disorder, depression and stress disorder for adults.

  • Provide psychological and management consultancy services for businesses and organizations.


Room 110, Block A, USSH - VNU

No 336,  Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

Phone: (024) 35571238


Author: ussh

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