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Achievements and orientations:

Since its establishment in 1995, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) has always paid attention to international cooperation.


  • Signed more than 400 MOUs with universities, research institutes, foundations and international organizations around the world. Many partners are highly-ranking universities in the region and the world such as Deakin University (Australia), Nottingham University (UK), Cologne University, Humboldt University (Germany), University of Cork (Republic of Ireland), University of Zurich (Switzerland), Moscow State Language University (Russia), Qúebec University (Canada), Beijing Foreign Language University, Fu Dan University (China), Rykkyo, Senshu University, and Tokyo University (Japan).

  • Having implemented international training programs in the form of 2+2 and 3+1 mechanisms with such partners as Guangxi Ethnic University (China), University of Toulouse Le Mirai (France), University of Bansomdejchaopray Rajabhat (Thailand), University of Stirling (UK), University of NAPLES L'ORIENTALE (Italy). Each year over 300 international students enroll in these programs at USSH.

  • Having held different international programs and projects to improve the capability of USSH’s managers, lecturers, researchers and students; and invited foreign experts to teach and do research at USSH. Some notable projects are "ENHANCE", "TOURIST", "Cooperation to improve basic research capacity at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in the field of international development studies", the Course on "Religion and the Rule of Law ", and VIETNAMICA. At the same time, over the past 5 years, the University has invited more than 170 foreign experts to teach and do research at it. 

  • Brought overseas scholarships (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral) to lecturers, staff and students; brought many domestic and international scholarships to talented and underprivileged students. Brought several overseas scholarships (doctoral, master's and bachelor's)  for USSH' staff, lecturers and students; provided domestic and international scholarships for talented and disadvantaged students (in the 2015-2019 period, there were more than 500 trips for USSH's staff to study, teach, and participate in exchanges at advanced universities in the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc.).


  • Continue to maintain and consolidate relations with traditional partners; develop more relations with new partners by effectively choosing partners and picking high-ranking regional and global partners.
  • Continue to attract funding for research projects, international conferences and publications; actively hunt scholarships for students, staff, and lecturers to study and do research abroad.
  • Effectively implement the terms set out in memoranda of understanding; seek and expand relationships with domestic partners, especially businesses and localities; develop short-term exchange programs to attract international students; strengthen and advance communications to help promote the image and enhance the reputation of the University at home and abroad through  various channels.

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