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Thursday - 23/08/2018 04:40

The Division of Religious Studies continues to maintain, develop and expand relations in research, training and policy consulting with its existing partners and also reaches out to regional and international partners.

Since its founding, the Division has been closely collaborating with Government authorities and bodies dealing with religious affairs, research institutes, universities and different religious associations in joint training programs and academic conferences. The Division's prominent achievements are: 

  • Completed the collaborative project with the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam, Vietnamese Fatherland Front to hold the conference "Promoting the role of Buddhism in the socialization of charitable social work". 

  • Continue the collaborative project with the Northern Vietnam Evangelical Church to hold the 500th anniversary of the Church.

  • Collaborate with religious state authorities related to Catholicism, Protestantism and Hoahoaism to hold in-depth conferences on Religion. 

The Division gradually extends its in-depth relations with several research and training units specializing in Religious Studies such as:

  • Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Anthroplogy, Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, (USSH, VNU Hanoi)

  • Vietnam Academy of Journalism and Communication.

  • Institute of Religious Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

  • Graduate Academy of Social Sciences.

  • Hanoi University of Internal Affairs

  • Faculty of Ethnicity and Religion, National Political Academy of Vietnam, area 1, Hanoi.

  • Center for Religious and Belief Studies.

  • Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy of Vietnam

  • Center for Religious Studies, USSH, VNU Ho Chi Minh.

  • Center for Contemporary Religious Studies, USSH, VNU Hanoi.

  • Institute for Religious Policy Studies, Vietnamese Religious Committee.

  • People's Security Academy

  • People's Police Academy

  • MISSIO. Ford Foundation, MISSIO

  • Moscow State University

  • East Carolina University – Religious studies.

  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

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