Research activities

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Research orientations

  • The basic theories of library and information science.

  • Study and develop disciplines related to the collection, treatment, storing, distribution and organization of information services.

  • Apply science and information technology in information and library administration.

  • Apply information management in the information system of businesses. 

Academic conferences

  • International conferences: focus on global issues concerning Vietnam's integration with the world in the field fo library-information and information management. 

  • Domestic conferences: focus on the inter-disciplinary issues influencing Vietnam's general development policies, orientations and strategies. 

  • Sectional workshops and special seminars: focus on each of the specialty, and the professional evaluation of each field of library-information and information management.

Main research fields in Vietnam:

  • Develop the information capability of each individual and their life-long learning capability.

  • Right to access information and inequality in accessing information.

  • Open access, open academic sources, open publication and open education. 

  • Information management in businesses.

  • Study the necessary human resources and skills for library staff and information specialists.

Science and technology consulting

  • Consult on the application of science and technology in library and information activities. 

  • Consult on the modernization and application of information technology in library management. 

  • Consult development of systems of information management and modern library organization. 

  • Provide research, survey and evaluation services in the field information and library. 

  • Provide information-related services such as information/documents processing and database development. 

  • Consult on the development of modern library services and products.

  • Training services: short-term and long-term courses dealing with information-library professional skills. 

  • Develop information systems for medium and small enterprises. 

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