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Thursday - 23/08/2018 04:38

For over 20 years, the Faculty's international cooperation has been strengthened in many areas: area studies and holding international seminars and conferences, and publications. Apart from maintaining relations with the Chinese, Russian and Eastern European countries, the Faculty is one of the first to cooperate with Western, Japanese and Southeast Asian partners. In the 1990s, Project VH26 was the only social project co-organized by Vietnam's MET and the Netherlands that trained experts and provided the Faculty with not only equipment and facilities but also opportunities to reach out to the European and American world. Each year, the Faculty sends dozens of staff to participate in short-term and long-term courses and seminars overseas. Many of its staff have been granted scholarships to conduct research programs and engaged in training courses. Many have received master's and doctoral degrees in Western, North American countries and Australia.

In addition, the Faculty of History has received hundreds of experts from the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Italia, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, China, America, South Korea, etc. according to cooperative programs. A large number of research fellows, interns, graduates and students from South Korea, Japan, Laos, America, Australia, the Netherlands etc. have studied at the Faculty, many of whom have received doctoral and master's degrees.

The Faculty's staff have participated in many foreign workshops and conferences and directly held international conferences in Vietnam such as those dealing with Hoi An ancient city, Hien City, ancient Hanoi, Bach Coc (Nam Dinh), the ceramic trade, Vietnamese studies, Vietnam in the 20th century, the discovery and establishment of sovereignty over the Southern lands, 50 years of the Dien Bien Phu victory, 30 years of the Vietnam war, 100 years of social sciences and humanities, and 100 years of the Dong Du (Easternward) movement.

The Faculty currently maintains relations with around 50 international training and research centers: universities such as California Fullerton, California Berkeley, Montana, Princeton, Texas, Hawaii, Ohio (America); Toronto University (Canada); Australia National University (Australia); Leiden University, Amsterdam (the Netherlands); universities of Humboldt, Passau, Frankfurt, Konstanz, Griessen, Greifswald, and Museum of Archaeology (Germany); Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris VII (Paris Diderot University), France Museum of Military History of Ministry of Defence (France); Auckland National University (New Zealand); Singapore National University, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (Singapore); National University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Hiroshima University, Kansai University, and Kanazawa University (Japan); Seoul National University, Inha University (South Korea), Beijing, Jilin, Zhongshan, Hemin universities (China), Shenggong, Hualien (Taiwan), etc.

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