Research activities

Thursday - 23/08/2018 04:38

Main research orientations

  • Vietnamese studies on the basis of inter-disciplinarity and area studies.

  • Contents and methods of teaching Vietnamese studies and language for Vietnamese and foreigners.

  • Vietnamese language in transformation and development.

  • Renovate the methods of teaching Vietnamese studies and language.

Prominent done projects:

  • Tran Tri Doi, On the illteracy and re-illiteracy of ethnic minorities: the case of Dien Bien, VNU level, code QG.12.09.

  • Dinh Van Duc, Vietnamese language before the 20th century: fundamental issues, VNU level, code: QG.TĐ.09.14.

  • Nguyen Huu Dat, The process of development and renovation of Vietnamese poet since 1986, VNU level, code số QG.15.60.

  • Nguyen Thien Giap, Linguistic concepts and terms, sponsored NAFOSTED, code VII2.1-2012.06.

  • Vu Duc Nghieu, Developing the criteria for evaluating Vietnamese capability of international students, VNU level, code QG.TĐ.13.17.

Prominent projects in process:

  • Nguyen Van Chinh, Dinh Van Duc, Oriental studies with Vietnamese language studies from the perspective of Vietnamese lexis, VNU level, code QG.16.37.

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