Thông báo học bổng của chính phủ Ireland cho nghiên cứu sinh

Thứ sáu - 30/09/2022 03:31
Chương trình Học bổng của Chính phủ Ireland bậc tiến sỹ bắt đầu nhận hồ sơ cho niên khóa 2023-2024. Chương trình dành cho ứng viên tới từ các trường đại học đối tác của Đại sứ quán Ireland cơ hội học tập và nghiên cứu tại Ireland trong thời gian 1 năm.
The Embassy of Ireland is pleased to announce the launch of the Ireland Fellows Programme – Pilot PhD Exchange for the academic year 2023-2024. The programme offers suitably qualified PhD candidates from the Embassy of Ireland’s university partners in Vietnam the opportunity to study for one year at a higher education institution in Ireland as part of their PhD programme.   
The award is fully funded and covers programme fees, flights, accommodation and living costs for the year in Ireland, as well as eligible direct research expenses to carry out the research project in Ireland. Up to three awards will be made in 2023. The Ireland Fellows Programme promotes gender equality and equal opportunity and welcomes diversity.  
  • Be a resident national of Vietnam. 
  • Be currently enrolled full time in year 1 or year 2 of a PhD programme at an eligible Higher Education Institution or research performing organisation in Vietnam. In the case of PhD programmes that run for 5 years or more, students in year 3 are also eligible to apply (in addition to those in year 1 or 2). (Please see list of eligible Higher Education Institutions in Annex 1 of the Call for Applications). 
  • Be engaged in a PhD research topic in an eligible subject area aligned with Ireland’s Development Programme. (Please see list of eligible subject areas in the Call for Applications). 
  • Be in receipt of an agreement from both the applicant’s own Higher Education Institution and a partner Higher Education Institution in Ireland to complete one year of their PhD programme in the Higher Education Institution in Ireland, and to return to their own Higher Education Institution to complete their PhD. (Please see list of eligible Higher Education Institutions in the Call for Applications). 
  • Not already hold a qualification at PhD level. 
  • Be applying to commence a one-year placement at an HEI in Ireland no sooner than August 2023, and be in a position to take up the Fellowship in the academic year 2023/2024 if successful. 
  • Be able to demonstrate the following: leadership abilities and aspirations; a commitment to the achievement of the SDGs within your own country; and a commitment to contribute to building positive relationships with Ireland. 
  • Have the English language certification required by the Higher Education Institution in Ireland. 
  • September 2022 - Applications open 
  • 16 December 2022 - Deadline for receipt of Expression of Interest form 
  • 10 February 2023 – Deadline for receipt of Application Form and required documents 
  • February and March 2023 – Interviews for shortlisted applicants 
  • Late March 2023 – Outcome of interviews communicated to applicants; candidates who are successful at interview will go forward to the last stage of the application process, which is the confirmation of the award of Fellowship places. 
  • Late August/ early September 2022 - Successful applicants travel to Ireland 
For more information on the other eligibilities and selection process, please see the attached call for application and visit the linkhttp://Ireland Fellows Programme – Pilot PhD Research Programme | Ireland Fellows Programme (  

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