Fascism And Antifascism In Our Time - Critical Investigations - Call for Participation

Thứ tư - 21/06/2017 23:36

The spread of nationalist and authoritarian movements have prompted debates about a return of global fascism. At the same time, many countries are witnessing civil society activities opposing such movements.

In order to discuss these developments, the bpb and its partners organize the international conference "Fascism And Antifascism In Our Time: Critical Investigations" in Hamburg, 1–3 November 2017.

We invite all scholars, practitioners of civic education, artists, and activists involved in projects dealing with fascism, antifascism, authoritarianism, and the advancement of democracy to apply for participation and join the discussion with experts in the field.

There is no conference fee. Successful applicants’ accommodation will be provided and travel costs will be reimbursed.

Please visit www.bpb.de/fascism-antifascism to find the entire Call for Participation with more information about the conference, contact details and how to apply. The deadline for submissions is 15 July 2017.


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