Conference on education quality assurance 2018

Wednesday - 19/12/2018 23:24
The Conference on education quality assurance 2018 of USSH took place on December 14th and chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Thi Minh Hoa (USSH's Vice Rector).

In 2018, quality assurance and quality accrediation were evaluated as successful and greatly contributing to improving USSH's education quality

The conference aimed to revaluate the quality assurance (QA) activities in 2018 and reveal the crucial tasks in the coming time. Especially, the conference informed representatives of USSH's units about the new points in the Set of criteria for education quality accreditation by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the Set of standards and criteria for research-based universities used by the USSH itself.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Thi Minh Hoa (USSH's Vice Rector) chairs the Conference

Speaking at the Conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Thi Minh Hoa emphasized: USSH's QA activities in recent years have gained progressive results. In 2014, the University had only 01 program accredited by AUN-QA standards and 03 programs peer-accredited. Until now, it has had 05 bachelor's programs accrediated by AUN-QA standards (Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Literature, Sociology and Psychology), over 10 programs peer-accredited, and 03 programs accredited by Vietnam's MOET standards (Psychology, Vietnamese Studies and International Studies). By 2020, the University will have had all of its bachelor's programs evaluated, including 08 by AUN-QA standards.

Vice Rector Tran Thi Minh Hoa also emphasized the most important aspect in QA is the proper awareness of staff and units of the importance and meaning of QA activities. QA helps the University consider the evaluation criteria used by regional and international universities, define its ranking acording to worldwide scales, and recognize its strengths and weaknesses to improve overall quality.

The Vice Rector also suggested in the coming time the heads of units devise more measures to increase the awareness of QA among their staff, lecturers and students; and develop a network among relevant parties (employers, alumni, partners) in carrying out QA activities. 

The University and its units have to invest more financial and human resources into improving the efficiency of quality assurance and quality accreditation. Also since the first semester of the year 2018-2019, USSH will use an online platform to collect students' feedback, via

Finally, each division of USSH has to design plans to improve the quality of their curricula according to the suggestions and requests given by their evaluators. Quality improvement has to be regularly and proactively performed by the units, contributing to developing USSH's overall quality culture.

Author: Tran Minh

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