USSH's Institute for Policy and Planning recognized as VNU Hanoi's key Research Center

Monday - 24/12/2018 03:24
On December 20th, 2018, USSH held the Ceremony to announce the decision of recognizing USSH's Institute for Policy and Planning as VNU's key Research Center and its new Board of leaders for the term 2018-2013.

Participating in the ceremony were Prof.Dr Nguyen Huu Duc (VNU's Vice Director), Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Van Tich (President of VNU's Board of Science and Technology); Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (USSH's Rector), Prof.Dr Nguyen Van Kim (USSH's Vice Rector), and Prof. Dr Nguyen Van Khanh (IPAM's Head of Council of Research and Training and former Director); Dr. Pham Tat Thang (Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Assembly's Department on Culture, Education, Youth and Children), Mr.Trinh Ngoc Cuong (Deputy Director of the National Assembly's Library), Mrs.Nguyen Thi Thu Ha (Representative of Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung Southeast Asia), and Mr.Nguyen Manh Tien (Director of Ha Nam's Department of Labor-Invalids-Social Affairs); Assoc.Prof.Dr Vu Cao Dam (Former Director of the Center for Policy Studies and Analysis), and Assoc.Prof.Dr Dao Thanh Truong (Director of IPAM and Dean of Faculty of Management Science).

The Institute of Policy and Management has nearly two decades of development. In 2001, Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung collaborated with USSH to launch the program "Sociology/Social studies of policy, science and technology program”. In 2007, the program was upgraded and changed its name to Center for Policy Studies and Analysis (CEPSTA) according to Decision no 775 QĐ/XHNV–TC dated March 16th, 2017 by USSH's Rector. In 2013, the Center was upgraded to Institute of Policy and Planning (IPAM) based on Decision 876 QĐ/XHNV-TC dated April 16th, 2013 by USSH's Rector.

Dr. Ngo Thi Kieu Oanh (Office for Personnel Affairs, USSH) announces the decisions at the ceromony

In 17 years, with the motto "Think tank – Perception – Innovation”, IPAM has made considerable progress and become a focal point of the policy and management network in Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia.

Regarding training affairs, each year IPAM launches 02 courses "Policy analysis and planning skills" and "Policy appraisal and evaluation skills" for policy-makers at grassroots level. The number of courses has reached 45, including 03 for the staff of Vietnam National Assembly's Central Office. Most recently, the Institute has held short-term courses in leadership and management skills for planned leaders and managers; with 10 pilot projects at Ly Son District (Quang Ngai Province), South Tu Liem, Thanh Tri (Hanoi).

Regarding research affairs, IPAM has published 30 international articles, including 15 in the ISI/Scopus journals, and brief records and reports for the National Assembly's departments. IPAM currently chairs 3 State projects and other projects at Ministry and local levels. Since 2015, IPAM has published 15 issues of the Specialized Journal of Policy and Management, which summarizes research findings in this area. In addition, the development of a strong Research group and a Taskforce helps it maximize resources for domestic and foreign projects, programs and protocols at different levels. 

On behalf of VNU Hanoi, Prof.Dr Nguyen Huu Duc said the system of key research centers is VNU's strategy aimed at improving the scale and quality of science and technology (SAT) products, thereby raising its status. These centers will not only produce but also make practical applications of their SAT products. The decision of recognizing IPAM as a VNU's key research center proved its efforts in SAT activities. The VNU's Vice Director also emphasized the connection and collaboration between IPAM and other training units such as Faculty of Science Management in advising and guiding policies for developing a national research-based university in the future.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Huu Duc speaks at the ceremony

On behalf of USSH, Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh said the tremendous growth of IPAM had been a surprise to the entire University. The Rector expressed his thanks to IPAM's former leaders, who laid the foundation for its development, and revealed his hope in the next generation of leaders. The solidarity and consensus of all IPAM's members would help it develop even more strongly and dramatically in the next 5 years. 

Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh speaks at the conference

On behalf of IPAM's former leaders, Assoc.Prof.Dr Vu Cao Dam shared his emotions when participating in the ceremony. He sent his appreciation to USSH's past and present leaders, and acclaimed the relentless efforts of the Institute's young leaders. On his part, Prof.Dr Nguyen Van Khanh expressed his gratitude knowing the Institute has become one of VNU's 10 key research centers. He said while the SAT products of natural sciences are laboratories and inventions; those of social sciences and humanities are specialized books, monographs, and policy suggestions in diverse social areas. Thus, this event was a mark of USSH in particular and Vietnamese social sciences and humanities in general.

Prof.Dr Nguyen Van Khanh speaks at the ceremony

On behalf of IPAM's leaders of the term 2018-2023, Assoc.Prof.Dr Dao Thanh Truong said IPAM's being recognized as a VNU's key research center was a result of the continuous efforts of its members and collaborators, the trailblazing of its previous leaders, and the heartfell advice/consulting of its Council of Research and Training. Not to mention the life-long cooperation and companionship of foreign partners, in particular Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung Southeast Asia. Assoc.Prof.Dr Dao Thanh Truong committed to inheriting and upholding the achievements and making consistent innovations to create a stable path of development for IPAM. 

Assoc.Prof.Dr Dao Thanh Truong speaks at the ceremony

The Director also announced the Institute's upcoming strategy consisting of 3 breaking points: increase policy advising and consulting in different areas of social life; extend the interdisciplinary approaches in studies particular to social sciences and humanities; and strengthen international publishing to improve the competitiveness and prestige of a VNU's key research center. 

Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh on behalf of USSH gives the IPAM's book to the Deputy Director of Vietnam National Assembly's Library

Also at the ceremony, the representative of Vietnam National Assembly's Library received the book Policy evaluation skills compiled by IPAM. This was the 5th time the book had been donated since 2011.

Author: Tran Minh

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