16/4-28/5: Mời tham dự khoá học "Ethnographic Craft in Western Anthropology"

Thứ năm - 12/04/2018 05:20
Mô tả khóa học: This course introduces the practice of fieldwork as key to doing anthropology. We learn about the methods of anthropology, such as participant-observation, field writing, translation and interviewing. Alongside this, we also study important theoretical and ethical debates which inform anthropological writing, such as interpretation, self-reflexivity and intersubjectivity. The course is structured around actually doing ethnography; as such, students will select local research projects and conduct fieldwork. To aid them, we will read practical material on strategies and styles of fieldwork. This course also moves back in time, to the great ethnographers of the last century. By analyzing their fieldnotes, we will come to understand the historical construction of fieldwork practices and situate our own writing within their legacy.
  • Tên khóa học: Ethnographic Craft in Western Anthropology
  • Giảng viên: Stephen Christopher (Department of Anthropology, Syracuse University, Mỹ).
  • Thời gian: 9h00-11h00 sáng thứ Hai, thứ Năm hằng tuần, từ 16/4/2018 đến 28/5/2018
  • Phòng học: Phòng 313 nhà A, Khoa Nhân học.
  • Liên hệ: ThS. Ngô Thị Chang; Email: ngochangntc@gmail.com


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