USSH Master Tea Club 14: "How to create your presentation?"

Monday - 27/05/2019 22:54
After the success of the 13th session "Academic Writing", on May 22nd, 2019, the 14th session of USSH Master’s Tea Club was held with a relevant topic to students: "How to Create Your Presentation?”

The event was held with the facilitation of the Club's similar guest: German research fellow Etienne Mahler currently working and studying at USSH. It was a useful event providing students with experiences in delivering an impressive and effective presentation. The students were also introduced some techniques in designing and using Powerpoint for presentation.

The objectives of the discussion were to help students understand the role and importance of good presentation skills as well as the factors affecting an effective presentation, know to how to apply useful tools and methods to optimize the process of presenting at meetings, know to how to be in control and actively guide the audience towards a common point, and acknowledge the common principles and know how to solve the most complicated situations during a presentation or a meeting.

Under the guidance of Etienne Mahler, the students had active dicussions on the ways to create an impressive and effective presentation. In addition, they were introduced the ways to design and decorate eye-catchy and effective Powerpoint slides to support the presentation.

It was also a good opportunity for the students to improve their English communication and especially in using it to present a topic to the audience.

“How to Create Your Presentation?” is a beneficial event under the series of events held by USSH Master’s Tea Club to help students equip and improve the necessary skills for personal and academic development. In the next year 2019-2020, the Club will hold more meetings and exchanges, not least for English communication skills.

Author: USSH Master’s Tea Club

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