Call for participants: academic writing workshop in Anthropology and social sciences

Thứ hai - 28/10/2019 06:12

* Time: The workshop will take place over five mornings from Tuesday 5 November to Saturday 9 November 2019. (But on Wednesday 6 Nov it will be in the afternoon.)

* Location: Room 313 Building A, Department of Anthropology.

* Workshop Facilitator: Dr Philip Taylor, Teaching Fellow (Visiting Lecturer) University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU, Ha Noi.

* Workshop Objectives: The workshop is intended to provide a forum for people preparing anthropology PhD theses on Vietnam to receive feedback from their peers on their drafts and to give feedback on others' work in exchange.

* Requirements: Participants are doctoral students, junior faculty members and researchers and need to have and share a draft of chapter, or article in English from their in-progress thesis or research project. The draft should be a substantially ethnographic chapter (e.g not the introduction, conclusion, or literature review chapters).

Participants should submit along with their chapter(s) a one page abstract of the thesis [topic, argument, methodology and theoretical significance]; plus a half-page list of prospective chapter titles.

Participants should endeavor to circulate these items electronically to the group (final mailing list to be provided shortly) by 1 November.

Each morning of the workshop, we will address one participant's writing. If two chapters are submitted, we will discuss the first one for 1.25 hours, take a break, then discuss the second one for 1.25 hours. The discussions will involve everyone in the group and the author has a chance to respond, ask for clarification and explain intentions.

Participants coming to the workshop each day are expected to have read the chapter(s) set for that day and to jot down some comments, praise, criticism, and/or suggestions for improvement in advance so that you can share your reactions/comments with the author during the morning's discussions.

We expect about five participants. If more than five, we'll fit in two people on one day. The workshop language is English. In the case of many people want to participant, the second workshop will be scheduled in the coming months.

The work we will be discussing is in-progress. Everyone is in the same situation. No-one is expecting polished writing or final or complete chapter drafts. But if you have a near-complete chapter don't hesitate to share that.

* Contact Persons: Any one wants to participate should send an email to Dr Philip Taylor at and CC to Ms Ngo Thi Chang at

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