Canadian speaker Ivan Coyote inspires Vietnamese youth

Thursday - 22/11/2018 01:04
On November 17th, renowned Canadian performer, writer and speaker Ivan Coyote visited and had a talk with USSH's students. This was one of the activities that celebrated the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-Canada diplomatic relations.
Canadian speaker Ivan Coyote inspires Vietnamese youth
Canadian speaker Ivan Coyote inspires Vietnamese youth

Ivan Coyote

The story shared by Ivan Coyote to USSH's students was about Ivan's own life, who when still a guy found they were different from their peers. But Ivan felt lucky for having the support from their beloved family, being able to do what they liked. Ivan shared profound bond with their grandmother, who until the end of her life called them "a small boy" and never stopped supporting them. The only thing about which Ivan's family and grandmother were worried was whether Ivan was hurt or affected by surrounding people. Perhaps thanks to the love and understanding of first of all their family, Ivan gained confidence and affection from others, became a storyteller and writer that spread messages of the compassion, sympathy and acceptance of different values of people from many countries. 

The audience appreciated the delicate, emotional and meticulous narrative style of the speaker. The story Ivan shared about oneself and their family was not grandiose but simple and soft, describing the familial, social and cultural characteristics of the Canadian in the past. Above all, one can recognize the sincerity and a soul filled with love from this artist.

Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh gives flowers to the speaker

To the question of how students can respond to rejections and stigmas in society, Ivan Coyote answered: the important thing is to know who you are, what kind of person you want to become, and respect and love everything you currently have. Let us live and work to prove ourselves to this beautiful world and change those stereotypes in a positive way. 

Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh and Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam Deborah Paul, and Ivan Coyote

Ivan has authored 11 books, made three albums and short films and is a famous live performer. Ivan is the permanent writer at Simon Fraser University, Carleton University, Western University, University of Winnipeg, and Vancouver Public Library, and has taught at colleges and universities in the entire region and other parts of the world. Some of their works are Loose EndBoys Like HerMissed HerGender Failure, và Tomboy Survival Guide. In 2017, Ivan was granted the Honorary Doctorate of Laws for their works and activities. 

Ivan frequently keeps up with the complex and intense issues of personal gender identity in workplace as well as topics such as family, social class, fairness and queer freedom but always keeps their tolerance, humor, quick-wittedness and proper timing in storytelling. Their stories remind us that our identities can be false and imperfect, and inspires us to change the world.

Author: Thanh Ha

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