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On May 16th, 2015, the Ministry of Information and Communication issued the Decision to establish the Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JOSSH). Accordingly, JOSSH is authorized to release 06 issues/year, including 01 English issue. Since 2016, JOSSH has been publishing 04 Vietnamese and 02 English issues/year. Each issue contains at maximum 200 pages and 500 copies/issue were made (since April, 2016 400 copies/issue).

Mission and vision

Mission: JOSSH is an academic forum that introduces the lastest and high-quality research findings in social sciences and humanities inside and outside Vietnam, contributing to national construction and development and strengthening international integration in the context of globalization.

Vission: Until 2030, JOSSH will have reached the international standards required of a SCOPUS or ISI journal.


Develop JOSSH into a leading journal in Vietnam included in a prestigious international database (SCOPUS or ISI), taking novelty, honesty, objectivity and creativity as its core operational principles, contributing to national construction and development in the context of international integration.


The Council of editors of JOSSH has 37 members, 31 of whom are Vietnamese scholars specializing in social sciences and humanities, and 06 are leading Vietnamese studies scholars from America, Australia, Japan, France and Denmark. Apart from the board, JOSSH's membership includes Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh (Editor-in-chief); Assoc.Prof.Dr Vu Van Quan (Deputy Editor-in-chief); Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Tuan Anh (Head of the Board of Editors); Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Viet Nghia (Head of Office for Administrative Affairs); MA. Phan Van Kien (Deputy Head of the Board of Editors); MA. Tran Xuan Hung (Vietnamese language editor); BA. Vu Thi Binh Minh and Etienne Mahler (English language editor); and BA. Nguyen Thi Huyen (Administrative officer).

Activities and achievements

From 2015 to 2018, JOSSH received 623 articles from domestic and foreign scholars. The number of foreign articles was 28, accounting for 4.49% (03 Vietnamese language articles; 25 English language articles); 20/28 articles were published, accounting for 71.42%. The number of domestic articles was 595, accounting for 95.51%; 321 of which were published, accounting for 51.52%. The number of articles rejected by peer reviewers was 227 making up 36.43%. The number of articles withdrawn by authors, rejected the journal and currently peer-reviewed is 75, accounting for 12.05%.

Among the 623 articles sent to the journal: 599 were research articles, accounting for 96.14%; 14 were book review articles, 2.24%; 10 were informative articles, 1.6%. JOSSH has published 28 issues and 3895 pages in total. 10,700 copies have been made.

JOSSH's copies have been sent to the Vietnam Study Group; units within USSH, VNU Hanoi and other universities; major libraries; research centers and institutes; and other editorial departments dealing with social sciences and humanities inside and outside Vietnam.

The Journal's website is built based on Open Journal Management and can be accessed at JOSSH's articles have been listed as sources in Crossref (DOI), Google Scholars, Wordcat, Openarchives and EBSCOHOST.

JOSSH has been included by the State Council for Professor Titles as a journal whose works are scored by 08 State Councils for Disciplinary and Inter-disciplinary Professor Titles, including Council for Professor Title for Pedagogy, Council for Professor Title for Jurisprudence, Council for Professor Title for Linguistics, Council for Professor Title for History-Archaeology-Ethnology, Council for Professor Title for Psychology, Council for Professor Title for Philosophy-Sociology-Political Science, Council for Professor Title for Culture-Arts-Sports, and Council for Professor Title for Literature.


  • Implement the Party and State's policies and lines, evaluate and introduce new international experiences and theories, actively demonstrate and suggest solutions for Vietnam's social, economic and cultural development to support its industrialization, modernization and international integration.

  • Continuously improve the quality and relevance of the journal by diversifying its contents to serve the development of social sciences and humanities; providing fundamental and comprehensive reformation of Vietnam's educational and training affairs.

  • Support the publishing of high-quality articles as requested by the authors; timely introduce selected articles and papers at scientific conferences; publish articles written by master's and doctoral candidates that meet sufficient scholarly standards.

  • Establish a network of domestic and foreign scholars submitting and reviewing papers for the journal; promote the process of internationalization by publishing and promoting papers written in English; connect and collaborate with the University's faculties and units to introduce and promote the journal overseas; and invite foreign professors and experts to write and review the articles.

  • Manage the sending-receiving-reviewing and publish articles in JOSSH using the Journal Management software. Articles in JOSSH can be freely accessed on its website. Accepted articles are published online first.

  • Cooperate with foreign publishers/journals and database providers so that until 2022, the English issues of the Journal will have been published by a foreign publisher; and its articles will have been archived at international databases.

Author: Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Viet Nghia; MA. Tran Xuan Hung

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