"New approaches for media-based substance abuse prevention"

Tuesday - 30/10/2018 23:34
On October 29th, 2018, the Authority of Press (Ministry of Information and Communication), the Vietnam Government Portal and USSH co-held the conference "New approaches for media-based substance abuse prevention"

Speaking at the conference, Mr Hoang Vinh Bao (Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Member of the National Committee for AIDS, drug and prostitution prevention) said, in recent years, the prevention of substance abuse has received much attention from the Vietnam's Party and Government, ministries, sectors and gained popular support. This is even more relevant in light of the emergence of new kinds of substance that are not yet regulated by the laws and new, sophisticated ways of trafficking. Communication is considered an important measure to demonstrate the harm and consequences caused by substance abuse, helping to change the abusers' thoughts and behaviors, and encouraging individuals and groups that prevent it well.

Deputy Minister delivers his opening speech

However, the Deputy Minister also said, in the rapidly developing technological and information context today, the communication methods have to be innovated. In particular, they have to be practiced in a synchronized, focused yet diverse way, in accordance with respective targets and regions; communication and coordination among ministries, sectors, units and relevant localities have to be strengthened; and IT has to be applied in preventing invitations and suggestions to substance abuse on social media. 

On the results in communicating about substance abuse prevention in Vietnam, Mr. Le Viet Dong (Vice Director of Vietnam's Government Portal) said: According to the estimations of Vietnam's National Committee for AIDS, drug and prostitution prevention, in the period of 2014-2017, the number of news articles and reports on this topic in publications rose 10-15% compared to that in the previous period. In 2010, the portal "Tieng chuong" (The bell) was launched by the Committee. For over 10 years, the page has been actively informing the public about the "evasiveness" of new types of drugs caused by legal loopholes and the harm caused by drugs, congratulating on the achievements made by police and border officers in their fight against drug-related crimes, encouraging drug abusers to reintegrate into society, and honoring the samaritans and social activitists for rehabilitating drug abusers.

Mr Le Viet Dong speaks at the conference

On behalf of USSH, Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh (USSH's Rector) emphasized the important role of higher education institutions in creating fora for relevant parties to discuss and talk about important social issues. In such an insecure and challenging world today, non-traditional security problems, including substance abuse, has emerged due to the development of modern society. The media have to pioneer substance abuse prevention. Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh said communications in this area have to take on new approaches and diversify their contents, especially in countries of varied geographical, regional and ethnic characteristics such as Vietnam. In addition, regional cooperation has to be promoted to solve such transnational issues as drug and substance abuse prevention.

Prof. Dr Pham Quang Minh speaks at the conference

After the opening ceremony, the delegates listened to the main papers:

The paper "Overview of the communication and education of drug abuse prevention" by Dr. Nguyen Cuu Duc (Department of Science, Education, Culture and Social Affairs; Government Office).

Dr. Nguyen Cuu Duc presents his paper

The paper “Introduction to prevention Science” by MA. Cao Hoang Nam (Lead coordinator of the Scientific Council, Vietnam Program of Internet and Society).

MA. Cao Hoang Nam presents his paper

The paper "The reality of implementing drug prevention programs in the world and suggestions for Vietnam" by Dr. Kevin Mulvey (Southeast Asia Regional Substance Abuse Treatment Advisor, Samhsa) and Mr. Brian Morales (Global Drug Demand Reduction Division, Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs, US. Department of State).

Mr. Brian Morales presents his paper

Dr. Kevin Mulvey presents his paper

The paper "Improving the efficiency of communication in mass and social media" by Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Thanh Loi (Editor-in-chief of Nguoi lam bao Journal).

 Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Thanh Loi presents his paper

The paper "Improving the impact of communication programs on the youth in drug and psychotropic substance prevention" by Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoa (Vice Director of VTV6, VPIS).

The paper "Socialization of communications about drug prevention" by Dr. Le Trung Tuan (President of the Organizing Council, Institute of Psychological Drug Users) and Colonel Ta Duc Ninh (former permanent Director for drug prevention, Bureau of Police Advising, Ministry of Public Security).

The conference is under the framework of the 2018 Program of Vietnam National Committee for AIDS, drug and prostitution prevention and a regular activity under the Scheme "Communication about drug prevention in mass media" under the Drug Prevention Program until 2020. It is aimed at improving public awareness of the role of communication and education about drug abuse prevention; sharing communication experiences and methods to relevant parties; pointing out the challenges and solutions for innovating the methods of communicating about drug abuse prevention in the community, especially to the youth and adolescents.  

Author: Tran Minh

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