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The Museum of Anthropology belongs to USSH, VNU and is the first university-based museum in the social sciences and humanities universities nationwide. Its mission is to study, preserve and promote the cultural and historical resources for national development, contributing to training high-quality human resources in the field of social sciences and humanities. The Museum directly participates in training and studying through its particular means such as combining theory and practice in the classroom to maximize the intellectual capacity and rich experiences of leading researchers and young intellectuals; and optimize the facilities and academic materials accumulated throughout the decades.

The Museum has the following main functions:

  • Collect, preserve, amend and remake the objects and samples that are classified as Vietnamese traditional and modern tangible culture.

  • Collect and store in different ways the intangible traditional and contemporary cultural heritage and artifacts used for research and training activities.

  • Exhibit collections of objects and samples in different forms, using both traditional and modern techniques;

  • Mobilize and internationalize the Museum's activities and utilize the samples for teaching, researching and cooperation;

  • Study relevant topics related to history, culture, preservation and museumification.  

Board of Directors


Assoc. Prof. Dr Lam Thi My Dung

Prominent activities


The Museum of Anthropology holds many exhibitions using both traditional and modern techniques:

  • The regular exhibition of a university-based museum meets the general requirements of exhibition and also has its characteristics that are specifically used for research and training purposes. The artifacts are arranged in two ways: closed and open exhibitions, with the latter being a unique method of the Museum.

  • The specialized exhibition uses modern techniques that combine original objects with different illustrations, becoming no less important than the regular exhibition. The topics of these exhibitions are closely associated with USSH's research and training activities and able to catch up with the current events in Vietnam. Some notable specialied exhibitions: "Dien Bien Phu - the historical destination", "Vietnam's sea and islands", "Spratly and Paracel islands - The country next to the wave", "My school", "Dialogues on terrace as a heritage".

  • Virtual exhibition: To partly solve the shortcomings of its limited space and connect the objects with their corresponding historical and cultural contexts, since 2012, the Museum of Anthropology has run the project "Virtual exhibition" in order to expand, modernize and change the ways of exhibiting and publicizing the information in a more up-to-date, timely and comprehensive way.


The Museum of Anthropology inherits some of the objects from the École française d'Extrême-Orient (France) and some of other collections retrieved by lecturers and students of the Division of Archeology, Faculty of History, which belong to the Pre-historical and Early historical periods. Furthermore, for more than 10 years, the Museum has been focusing on collecting objects related to Ethnology and Sino-Nom, Vietnamese culture. Through different ways  such as donation, transaction, trading or field studies, the Museum's objects increase in both quality and quantity. 

Application, post-field trip treatment and research projects

At the Museum, the objects recovered from excavations, archeological field trips and cultural and ethnological collections are properly and scientifically treated, then are returned to the local museums according to the Law on Cultural Artifacts. Some incomplete and collected objects are added to the existing samples. In addition, the Museum actively allows students and research fellows to study and work at its site.


3rd-4th floor, Block D, USSH, VNU

No 336 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Phone: (024) 3558 9744


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