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Established in March 2007, The Center for Policy Studies and Analysis (CEPSTA) is a center for research and training, operating under the umbrella of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University – Hanoi.


Institute of Policy and Management (IPAM) is upgraded on the basis of achievements of The Centre for Policy Studies and Analysis (CEPSTA) – one of the most successful researching and training institute, which belongs to the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH).

In 1991, with the support of USSH, Prof, Dr. Vu Cao Dam and his colleges founded  ”Sociology/Social studies of policy, science and technology program”. After 10years of developing, in 2001, Prof,Dr. Vu hold a sociological conference about Environment with the help of The Science and Technology Ministry and decided to change the program’s name into ” Social studies of Environment and Development Program”.In the meantime, the relationship between Rosa Luxembourg Institute (RLS) and USSH were established with the university’s board assigning the program to corporate with RLS.

Until 2007, the program had developed and its name was changed into The Centre for Policy Studies and Analysis (CEPSTA), according to Decision 775 QĐ/ XHNV – TC dated March 16th, 2007 by USSH’s headmaster on setting up an institute belonging to the university.

Over a decade, CEPSTA had gained a lot of fundamental achievements in researching and trainning, helped develop the Policy Science and establish a network of policy field in Vietnam, implemented cooperation projects with RLS, held more than 24 training courses on Policy analysis and making in several cities and provinces as well as annual training courses on Policy analysis, making, evaluation skilss for Congression office’s staff, signed cooperation agreements with domestic partners like Legislative institution (belongs to the National Assembly Standing Committee)… and foreign partners like: Lund University (Sweden), Postdam Universtity, Greifwald University, Munich University, Helmholtz – center for Environmental research (UFZ) (German) and published a number of publication and documents on Policy Studies in both Vietnamese and English.

Starting from a Researching Centre then developing into the Institute of Policy and Management, this achievement proved the remarkable effort of all the founders, as well as the great support of USSH, VNU and all our partners. IPAM was officially founded on 16/4/2013 by Decision 876 QĐ/XHNV-TC of USSH’s Headmaster.

Board of leaders


Assoc.Prof.Dr Dao Thanh Truong

Vice Director

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Manh Dung


  • Training and change learners’ mindset about interaction process between creative thinking and active learning.
  • Researching and implimenting, finding advanced solutions in policy adjustment and management activities.
  • Supplying various scientific services: collecting and providing information about management policy, consulting activities to push on improvement of organizations as per order. 


  • IPAM – a combination of training, researching and service providing – is built on a well preparation on human, finance, technology and other (material) resources, with a clear vision/orientation of short – term and long – term development strategies.
  • IPAM’s goal is to become an effective think – tank, takes part in domestic and international Policy and Management forums; make a valuable contribution to social construction process.
  • IPAM insists on commitment in operation and co – operation. All IPAM’s members are committed to be given chances to study, do research and work in a dynamic and professional working environment. 


  • Training
    •  Providing short management courses for managers in different levels/different audiences in Policy and Management sector.
    • Providing international education courses in cooperate with foreign partners, functioning as a member in those interdisciplinary education courses of Policy and Management.
  • Researching
    •  Conducting research on Policy Analysis and Making methods, comparing Policy system of different nations in region and all over the world.
    •  Translating and Publishing publications on Policy studying or programs, strategies, models about policy operating and managing of all levels in variety organizations.
    • Participating and deploying international projects in Policy Analysis and Making sector.
  • Science and technology service
    •  Consulting, training, science and technology information, conference/seminar planner, co – operating on public policy, public management, science and technology policy and management sectors both domestically and internationally.

IPAM's Members

  1. Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dao Thanh Truong
  2. Head of the Council of Research and Training: Prof,Dr. Vu Cao Dam
  3.  Head of the Research and Training department: Dr. Nguyen Manh Dung
  4. Lecturer, foreign affair assistant: Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh
  5. Scientific Research Assistant, Lecturer: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh
  6.  Admin, accountant: Pham Minh Thuy
  7. Admin, accountant: Tran Thi Bich Phuong
  8. Admin: Vu Huyen Trang



Address: 2nd Floor, Block D, No.336 Nguyen Trai Street – Thanh Xuan District - Hanoi - Vietnam

Tel: (844) 35587547

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