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Center for Chinese Studies
Center for Chinese Studies



Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) was established on February 20th 2002 and tasked with the study, training and application of Chinese studies and belongs to the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU. Its mission is to utilize USSH's human resources trained in basic sciences, organize integrated research projects on China, and to provide academic and up-to-date evidence and knowledge for analysing policies and studying Vietnam and the world. The Center is responsible for researching and teaching subjects related to China at USSH, gradually developing into a strong research center, developing strong research teams and becoming a research institute in accordance with the missions of USSH and VNU.

Missions and development strategies

  • Amass and develop a force of prestigious domestic and foreign researchers and scholars who specializes in studying, training and applying Chinese studies;
  • Participate in undergraduate and postgraduate affairs;
  • Coordinate with other Institutes, Centers and international organizations in research projects;
  • Strive to become one of the leading units in Chinese studies in Vietnam.





Dr Nguyen Tho Duc

Vice Director

MA. Dao Thi Tam Khanh


President of the Academic Council:  Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Kim Son


Main research orientations:

  • The movements of China in social sciences and humanities, especially in the areas of culture, ideas and education.
  • Confucius issues and Vietnamese culture in the context of East Asia.
  • The history of Han/Chinese studies in Vietnam.
  • Research on many aspects of China, including basic, policy and forecast studies, provide scientific evidence in order improve understanding of China, and improve the decision-making process and resolve the challenges arising in Sino-Vietnam relations.
  • Develop a highly practical database on Chinese studies.
  • Develop high-quality human resources specialized in Chinese studies, helping to connect research units with policy makers and enterprises in solving the challenges posed by China, promoting Vietnam's sustainable and stable development.

Prominent activities

  • Design and carry out numerous projects, programs, and research projects and build up central research teams specialized in China, including:

The strong research team in Confucianism with an international span.

The research team on China's education reforms and experiences for VNU in particular and Vietnamese education in general.

The research team on the history of Han/Chinese studies in Vietnam in collaboration with the National Taiwan University.

The research team responsible for developing a database of Chinese studies; which has been developing digital libraries such as the Sino-Nom texts and ancient Chinese texts related to Vietnam (; Database of Chinese studies (  

  • Hold and co-hold many domestic and international conferences and seminars such as the conference "Chinese studies 2012-2022: trends and prospects" (2012), the conference "Confucius studies in Vietnam, views and methods" (2013), the international conference "East Asia Confucian education: Tradition and Modernity" (2015), the international conference "Chinese studies in Vietnam: History through stories" (2015), and international conference "Confucianism and contemporary education theories" (2016).
  • Publish many domestic and international works on Chinese and Vietnamese studies, notably: Nho tạng tinh hoa – Phần Việt Nam 儒藏精华编越南之部 (2013, 1st volume, Beijing University Press); Kinh điển Nho gia tại Việt Nam (2015, revised, VNU Press); the collection Tùng thư tư liệu Nho học Đông Á - phần Việt Nam 東亞儒學資料叢書, Publishing Center of Taiwan University (8 volumes published in Taiwan since 2011).
  • Promote cooperation in research with domestic and foreign institutions, notably of which are the Institute of Chinese Studies, Institute of Han-Nom Studies, VNU Ho Chi Minh City, Center for Confucius Texts Studies, Center for Chinese Studies (Beijing University, China), the Advanced Institute on Social sciences and humanities and Center for China-Taiwan relations (Taiwan National University), the International Society for Chinese Studies
  • Coordinate and support USSH's training activities related to China and other areas.


Room 508, Block C, USSH-VNU

336 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội.

Phone: (024)35585847                     


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