Anthropolgy presentation: "Spirit in Cambodia"

Tuesday - 01/10/2019 02:53
On September 30th, 2019, Dr.Paul Christensen from University of Gottingen (Republic of Germany) delivered a presentation at the office of Faculty of Anthropology titled "Spirit in Cambodia", a topic that he had studied for years and picked as the topic for his doctoral dissertation he recently defended at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Gottingen University).
Anthropolgy presentation:
Anthropolgy presentation: "Spirit in Cambodia"

Assoc.Prof.Dr Dinh Hong Hai chaired the presentation. The participants included Dr. Frank Proschan - the Fulbright Scholar currently teaching at the Faculty, Dr. Philip Taylor - Honorary Professor from Australia National University and other scholars from Germany and lecturers, research fellows, master's candidates working and studying at the Faculty.

Dr.Paul Christensen from Gottingen University

The presentation was enthusiastically joined by the scientists, many issues related to religion, belief and religious transformations in contemporary society were discussed. Dr. Paul Christensen backed up his arguments with solid evidence based on new theoretical approaches and methods.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Dinh Hong Hai -  lecturer of Faculty of Anthropology

In the same afternoon, Dr. Paul Christensen participated in the lecture titled "Ritual theory" for students of the religious Anthropology chaired by Prof.Dr Dinh Hong Hai. The lecture of Dr. Paul Christensen attracted ample attention from the students of the class, who were then divided into 03 groups and made their own presentations in English language on the rituals of the Muong, Viet and San Chay ethnicities in Vietnam.

The lecture was participated by some anthropologists from universities outside Vietnam

Dr. Paul Christensen highly appreciated the presentation skills in English of the QH-2016-X Anthropology class as well as their confidence. He shared: "This is a wonderful experience of mine involving the Vietnamese anthropology students; they really possess great scientific potential".

Assoc.Prof.Dr Dinh Hong Hai on behalf of Faculty of Anthropology and the students thanked Dr. Paul Christensen for the knowledge he had shared with them and hoped there would be more co-held events between the two universities in the future. Dr. Paul Christensen himself hoped to further cooperative with the Faculty through common projects.

During the regular series of seminars held by Faculty of Anthropology at the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, many scientists from Germany, the US, France and Australia have enthusiastically engaged with the lecturers and students in academic discussions. 

Author: Dinh Hong Hai

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