Speech of Rector - Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Khanh - At the 70th anniversary of University of Literature and 20th anniversary of University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University

Tuesday - 06/10/2015 23:27

(National Conventional Center – 8 am, Oct 6th 2015)

  • Your excellency, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Member of Political Bureau;
  • Honourable Minister of Education and Training, Pham Vu Luan, Member of the Party Central Committee;
  • Honourable Mr. Phung Xuan Nha, Alternate member of the Party Central Committee, President of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi;
  • The leaders, former leaders of the Party, Government; Central agencies, and of Hanoi and other provinces; leading representatives of universities, research institutes, agencies and other distinguished guests;
  • Your excellency Ambassadors and foreign representatives;
  • Generations of teachers and staffs of the University;
  • Students and alumni of the University;

Today, in the atmosphere of the 61th Anniversary of Capital’s Liberation Day- October 10th and celebrating the Vietnam’s Teacher Day- 20th November , VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi is solemnly organizing  the Celebration of 70 years of tradition, 20 years of establishment and receiving  Government First Rank Labor Medal. On behalf of the administrative board of  the university, I would like to heartily welcome leaders of the Party and the Government; Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam National University Hanoi, foreign and Vietnamese distinguished guests, generations of teachers, staffs and students. Thank you very much for your presence today.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

70 years ago, in the context that the country had just gained independence, deeply understanding the desire of the people who loved peace and freedom and was growing to eliminate poverty and backwardness, in 10th October 1945, President Ho Chi Minh, on behalf of Provisional Government, signed Decree No.45 to establish the University of Arts in Hanoi with the aim of developing national culture and education, for Vietnam to ‘keep pace with other countries in the world’. It was a right decision which reflected the vision beyond era of a genius leader about the role and mission of Social Sciences and Humanities in the cause of building and developing the nation. Going through 9 years of the war of resistance with uncountable hardships and sacrifices, teachers and students of the University of Arts made contribution to the common victory of the Nation – the Dien Bien Phu victory that “resounded throughout 5 continents and shook the globe”. After peace was restored, in 1956, inheriting the tradition of the University of Arts, the Party and the Government decided to establish the Hanoi National University to meet new development requirements of the country. In the years of the fierce resistance war against the US, despite evacuation to many rural areas in the north, thanks to the help and protection of local people, teachers and students  of Hanoi National University still devoted to research, training, and actively participated in the movement "in one hand a pen in the other a gun" and successfully completed the requirements of tasks assigned. After the country was unified, from 1975, the faculty staff of Hanoi National University not only fulfilled their own duties but also actively assisted other universities, contributing important part to the building of higher education in southern provinces after national liberation. Moreover, from the late 1970s -early 1980s, following the call of the friend country and international duty, hundreds of the University’s staffs volunteered to go to Cambodia to participate in Vietnamese teaching program, making contribution to revitalizing the country of pagodas after genocide. In early 1990s, implementing the policy of the Party and State in constructing a leading multi-disciplinary training center of the country, Vietnam National University Hanoi was established with 04 member universities including the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH). Since 1995, USSH has operated independently in the new structure of VNU Hanoi.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Over 7 decades of construction and development, from the University of Arts (1945-1955), and Hanoi National University (1956-1995), till now the University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi has still maintained its position as a leading training and research center of the country. During this process, all the staff and students of the university, through generations, have persistently striven to work and to learn and have always successfully completed tasks delivered.

Regarding training, since the establishment of Hanoi National University, the University has trained thousands of bachelor’s degree holders; nearly 10 thousand master’s and doctor’s degree holders. Among them are many who have become well-known teachers, scientists, talented generals, managers, politics and social activists of the country.

Looking back through the past years, it can be affirmed that the university has followed the right direction in building a research university and always been the pioneer in developing basic sciences. The trend of valuing specialized research associated with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies has created scientific products of high intellectual level. Especially, since the establishment of University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Hanoi  (in 1995), based on the higher legal status, the university has actively built and developed more new disciplines ; been in charge of  implementing research programs and projects which have high scientific and practical values. The results of hundreds of research projects, with thousands of works published domestically and overseas have contributed not only to improving the quality of education, but also to addressing the requirements of economic, cultural, social developments and enhancing international integration.

To promote the potential and professional strengths, expand the influence and international academic space, the University has been very interested in building relationships and expanding cooperation with universities and research institutions , international organizations within and outside the country. To date, the University has established relationship and signed cooperation agreements with over 200 universities and international organizations, including renowned universities and institutes of Asia and the world. Every year, the University actively organizes or collaborates with Vietnam’s and international universities and research institutions to organize dozen scientific conferences, including ones at international and national level which are appreciated by experts and the public opinion.

Besides training Vietnamese students, the VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities Hanoi is also a leading center, with important contributions in implementing tasks of foreign policy assigned by the Party and the State. To date, the University has taught Vietnamese language and expertise to thousands of international students  and PhD candidates,  8 people of them have become ambassadors of foreign countries to Vietnam, six people became Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers of Laos and Cambodia.

For these outstanding achievements, many lecturers and staffs of the University have been given honorable titles and awards by the Party and Government. Over the past 70 years, hundreds of groups and individuals in the University have been awarded medals, thousands of groups and individuals have received honorable titles and rewards from sectors and levels of central and provincial governments and of VNU Hanoi. Ten teachers of the University have been awarded Ho Chi Minh Prize, 14 teachers have received the State Award for science - technology; 29 teachers have been awarded the title of People's Teacher, 54 teachers have been awarded the title Teacher of Merit. The University was awarded the first-rank Independence Medal (2001); title Hero of Labour (2005); the Order of Ho Chi Minh (2010); and today, USSH is honored that the Vietnam President has decided to award Government  First Rank Labour Medal to the University the second time.

          Ladies and Gentlemen,

The achievements that the University gained in recent years are the results of persistent labor and creativity, constantly striving, with determination, passion for creativity and responsibility for education and sciences of many generations of teachers, staffs and students of the University.

In the Celebration today, on behalf of the University’s administrative board,  I would like to express the deep gratitude to the leaders of the Party, State and Government; Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam National University Hanoi, other universities, research institutions, businesses, and organizations, groups and individuals,  scientists and managers at the central and local authorities in the country have frequently had consideration and support for  USSH in many ways, contributing to the achievements, position and reputation of a national leading university in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.

On behalf of the University, I also would like to convey deep gratitude to generations of talented professors, teachers who were founders of faculties  for their great contributions in shaping the fundamental values, the core of which is “ open spirit and humanism ” of our university. From the first generation of professors as: Tran Van Giau, Tran Duc Thao, Dang Thai Mai, Dao Duy Anh, Cao Xuan Huy, Nguyen Van Huyen, Nguyen Manh Tuong to the excellent succeeding generation of teachers, scientists as  Nguyen Tai Can, Phan Cu De, Ha Minh Duc, Dinh Xuan Lam, Phan Huy Le, Ha Van Tan, Tran Quoc Vuong, and professors of present generation, they have formed a tradition, an academic identity of a national leading university that can not be mixed with others.

To have the pleasure today, we can not forget the dedication and sacrifice of the heroic martyrs, the teachers, staff and students over many generations. In particular, we respectfully express deep gratitude to the lecturers and students of the University such as teacher Le Anh Xuan, students Chu Cam Phong, Nguyen Hong ..., who responded to the call of the farther land during the arduous years of resistance war and bravely fought and sacrificed for the University and for the national independence and freedom.

Let me sincerely thank the colleagues in the University’s administrative board, heads of  faculties, centers, offices and  units over time; especially thank generations of teachers, officers, students at all levels who have been working and studying at the University for the sentiments, efforts, silent and tireless dedication to each step forward in the development process of the University.

To have mentioned achievements, in addition to the  great efforts of generations of staff and students, there have been support, encouragement and great help from international scientists, universities, embassies, research institutes, foundations and organizations of many countries all over the world. On this occasion, please let me convey the sincerest thanks to international friends for these valuable support.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the next stage, together with other  member universities  of Vietnam National University Hanoi, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities determines to develop to quickly become a leading research university of the country, standing in the group of  top 100 universities in Asia by 2020. To achieve that goal, as well as to contribute to accelerating the fundamental and comprehensive innovation of Vietnam’s education in the coming time , teachers and students of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities have been making the best effort to implement and complete the major tasks of the University’s development strategy by 2020 and  vision 2030, as stated in the resolution of the University’s XXVII Party Congress.

Promoting the power of tradition and the achievements gained in 70 years, with strong solidarity and determination, and joint efforts of all generations of staff and students; the consideration and direction of the Party, State and Government; managers and scientists in and outside the University, the enthusiastic and effective support of other universities, research institutes, agencies, groups and individuals in the central and locals , within country and abroad, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities will certainly gain many bigger achievements, making worthy contribution to the cause of building and developing the country to keep pace with powers in the world as expectation of President Ho Chi Minh.

I would like to wish the Prime Minister and government leaders, foreign  and Vietnamese distinguished guests good health and peace. I wish teachers, staff and students to keep strong belief and love in the University, make greater contributions to the development and sustainability of our beloved University of Social Sciences and Humanities!

Thank you very much!

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