USSH Book and Communication Club: Fostering reading culture

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“One day, it dawned on me that we didn’t have any reading club at the university where book lovers can gather together and share our common interest. It was our original motivation for starting USSH's Book and Communication Club”, said Bui Bich Phuong, the club’s chairwoman.
USSH Book and Communication Club: Fostering reading culture
USSH Book and Communication Club: Fostering reading culture

“Loving books” is the only requirement for admission

USSH Book and Communication Club was formed at the end of 2014 with 15 members and divided into 3 boards: Board of Contents, Board of Events and Board of Communication. Each section plays a specific role in the club: The Board of Contents creates topics for monthly talks, the Board of Events plans the events and the Board of Commutation reports on the club’s activities on its Facebook page.

Based on an “open” model, the club allows every student to take part in talks to talk about their favorite books. Besides, attendance is not compulsory. If students are tied up or have no interest in the discussed book, they can stay home.

The regular activity of the club is holding thematic talks, in which members make presentations and discuss about a certain author and his/her work. The authors are selected on the basis of their popularity. They are famous figures that have been given national awards or such international literary awards as the Nobel or the Goncourt. Before each talk, the members note all suggestions from book lovers at the University, then work with Nha Nam bookstore (one of the club’s partners) to decide the book for each talk.

“A month before each talk, the chairperson of the club provides information about the chosen book and its author via social networks to inform the public about the background. We always consult lecturers on the information to ensure that it is accurate and reliable. Prior to the talk, anyone confident that he thoroughly understands the book and wants to share their perspectives can register to give a presentation.”, said Bui Thi Phuong Thao (Falcuty of Literature).

Students participated in a talk

The significant milestones

With the enthusiastic help from teachers at the University, the members manage to invite well-known writers to these talks. One of them is Mr. Ta Duy Anh, who is widely known among Vietnamese students for his masterpiece “The parting of the dolls” (Cuộc chia tay của những con búp bê) printed in their textbooks. Le Phan Quang Ninh (Faculty of Journalism and Communication), a club member, confided his delight: We had an extremely interesting talk with him about his work. At the end of the talk, he even gave us his books with his signatures on .”

The club also invited Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Thai, an Assoc.Professor of Arts Studies to be a guest speaker at the talk “How should we read?”. She guided the students on how to choose good books and read them most efficiently. She also gave the club a book written by herself: “Literary criticism in the press” (Phê bình tác phẩm nghệ thuật trên báo chí).

During a month from March 23th to April 23th, the club cooperated with the Faculty of Library and Information Science to hold USSH Book Festival 2015 in celebration of the World Book and Copyright Day (April 23th). Students had the opportunities to participate in such interesting events as the Week of adapted movies and the Contest on Book Introduction, the first chain of events of its kind at the University.

The Contest on Book Introduction, one of the events at USSH Book Festival 2015

Perseverance despite the difficulties

Since its foundation, the club has coped with various difficulties. One of which is low attendance, as several talks had only 2 – 3 attendees. Nevertheless, the members have managed to maintain these activities on a regular basis. They have received compliments from many teachers for their efforts up to now. Bui Bich Phuong, the chairwoman of the club, shares her story: “Many people think book lovers are nerdy, sententious and distanced. Before joining the club, I found it difficult to introduce my favorite book to people around, but thanks to the club, it’s now more interesting and easier for me. I really love the club and want to bring more and more people to it, not only students at our university but from other universities that are interested in books.”

Reading is indeed important and necessary for students, especially the students of University of Social Sciences and Humanities. USSH Book and Communication Club is preparing the new school year with a bright hope that USSH Book Festival will become an annual event and USSH Book Network will be formed in the nearest future. With the enthusiasm and passion of the members, it is expected the club will spread the love of reading among the students at USSH and other universities.

Author: Ha Do

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