The main solutions to develop foreign communication of Hanoi until 2020

Monday - 19/01/2015 09:37
On January 15th, 2015, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) held a seminar titled "The main solutions to develop foreign communication of Hanoi until 2020," with the participation of scientists and managers specializing in the culture, media, communication and external relations in Hanoi.
The main solutions to develop foreign communication of Hanoi until 2020
The main solutions to develop foreign communication of Hanoi until 2020

This activity was under the city-level project 01X-10 / 03-2014-2 chaired by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pham Quang Minh (Vice Rector of USSH). The main target of this project is to systemize and analyze domestic and foreign documents; assess the foreign communications of Hanoi since the Renovation policy; and propose solutions to develop its foreign communications until 2020.

This is the first meeting between the study group and experts, researchers and policy makers to discuss relevant issues based on the theory and practice of foreign communications in general, and that of Hanoi in particular.

Hanoi currently has 14 press agencies with 25 publications, 7 magazines; 9 press agencies have developed their online version. The broadcasting system features two channels H1 and H2, including 65 programs on cable TV systems and 23 digital programs via satellite. Online TV programs were developed in 2002 and online radio in 2005 to better serve the requirements of overseas audiences. Two programs that serve foreign communication are Hanoi Foreign News and Cooperation and Friendship News run in both English and Vietnamese. Besides, there are hundreds of central press agencies, representative offices of domestic and foreign press agencies, central diplomatic organs, and foreign organizations... As far as these characteristics are concerned foreign communication of Hanoi is considered extremely important, requiring quick, accurate and timely information; rich and modern structures; deep and efficient contents; and thus highly skilled reporters, etc.

Dr. Pham Quang Minh presents his report titled "Foreign communication as a means of implementing foreign policy"

At the seminar, the introductory paper by Dr. Pham Quang Minh focused on clarifying the basic concepts of foreign communication, its nature, the relationship between foreign policy and foreign communication, the differences between foreign communication and foreign propaganda...

The paper by Dr. Pham Minh Son (Academy of Journalism and Communication) discussed the importance of foreign communication in promoting the image of Vietnam; helping the world understand the guidelines and policies of the Party and State; projecting the achievements in national reforms; combating distorted allegations; and generating sympathy, support, cooperation and assistance from partners around the world.

Mr. Phan Dang Long (Vice President of the Hanoi Committee of Propaganda)

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen (Faculty of Journalism and Communication-USSH) presented her paper on the experiences in foreign communication of some countries from which Vietnam could learn. The paper introduced and evaluated the efficiency of different models of foreign communication in the world through specific activities such as establishing centers of international media, designing websites in foreign languages, implementing communication campaigns on foreign press, organizing international press conferences and organized huge events to attract international media.

There were also other papers that highlighted the achievements in foreign communication by Hanoi such as “Evaluation of the situation of foreign communication by Hanoi's Department of Information and Communication”, “The situation of foreign communication by Hanoi City”, “Evaluation of the situation of foreign communication by Hanoi's Department of Culture-Sports-Tourism”, etc.

Author: Thanh Ha

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