International conference "Healthy behavior in modern society"

Wednesday - 06/11/2019 21:06
The international conference "Healthy behavior in modern society" was held by USSH-VNU Hanoi, University of Gdańsk (Republic of Poland) and Vietnam National Institute of Mental Health on November 1st-2nd, 2019.
International conference
International conference "Healthy behavior in modern society"

The Conference brought together scientists and practitioners with an interest in healthy behavior shaped by social conditions in different cultures, with the aim of offering a chance to all participants to exchange research interests, ideas, and experience in Health from the perspective of psychology, social and medical science, to stimulate further international cooperation and to facilitate the commencement of new research-lines in the field.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh recognized the importance of studying health behavior in modern society as the health and good lifestyles of each individual are the leading priority in communities and contribute to the whole well-being of a society. However, as modern society is full of lurking difficulties and uncertainties, each individual cannot fully control his/her behavior; so it is necessary to provide one with psychological counseling on how to fix behaviorial abnormalcies.

The Rector also noted healthy psychological behavior is currently a global issue that needs solving through the collective sharing of experiences. Thus, the international conference "Healthy behavior in modern society" is significant for the psychological experts and practitioners in Vietnam as it helps them share experiences with those from countries with decent health care system for their citizens.

Nearly 50 papers from Vietnamese and international scientists were presented at the conference, addressing topics concerning healthy behavior in modern society such as healthcare at workplaces, schools and factories; post-disaster healthcare; health and climate change; health and social media use; the feeling of happiness, etc.

Not only providing a big picture of human heath behavior, the papers also introduced in a comprehensive way the healthcare policies and systems in countries around the world as well as the solutions by developed countries for solving issues related to human health in the era of machines and artificial intelligence.

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