Exchange with the staff and students of Phnom Penh Royal University (Cambodia)

Tuesday - 12/11/2019 04:08
On November 11th, at the 8th floor, Block E of USSH a cultural exchange event between USSH's students and the staff and students of Phnom Penh Royal University took place.
Exchange with the staff and students of Phnom Penh Royal University (Cambodia)
Exchange with the staff and students of Phnom Penh Royal University (Cambodia)

The event was part of the program "ASEAN study tour and football diplomacy to Vietnam 2019" held by Department of International studies, Phnom Penh Royal University (Cambodia) from November 10th-14th, 2019. The program features special lectures, discussion sessions, cultural performances, and friendly football matches along with visits to many attractions in Vietnam. Along with the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Vietnam National Economics University, USSH (VNU Hanoi) was chosen as a destination to hold the exchange event titled "Youth for a better understanding of Cambodia-Vietnam relation within the ASEAN context".

Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh presents a gift to Dr. Neak Chandarith

On behalf of USSH, Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh (the University's Rector) sent his warmest greetings to the staff and students of Phnom Penh Royal University. He said Vietnam and Cambodia are two neighboring countries, sharing many historical, cultural and political similarities. Thus, the events aimed at fostering better understanding between the two nations are extremely meaningful, through which people of the previous generations such as himself can assign the task of improving bilateral relations between the two countries to the younger generations.

Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh takes photo with the Ambassador of Cambodia to Vietnam Chay Navuth (in the middle) and Dr.Neak Chandarith

On behalf of the delegation of Phnom Penh Royal University, Dr. Neak Chandarith (Head of Department of International Studies) expressed his appreciation for the warm reception by USSH. He emphasized the common mission of the countries in training high-quality human resources for national development through continuously improving the quality of their research, training and international cooperation activities. He also hoped in the future, the two sides will promote cooperation in multiple areas and become close partners, contributing to the development of Vietnam-Cambodia in general.

Prof.Dr Pham Quang Minh, Ambassador Chay Navuth and Dr.Neak Chandarith take a picture with the students

Next, the audience listened to the presentations by the staff, lecturers and students of both universities, which recounted the important marks in the history of Cambodia-Vietnam relations since the establishment of official diplomatic relationship in June, 1967. The two countries have been through many ups and downs, especially in their fights against the imperialist forces and their overthow of the Khmer Rouge regime. Since regaining peace and joining ASEAN (Vietnam in 1995 and Cambodia in 1999), the two countries have developed relations in many areas and are now close neighbors. The speakers expressed their confidence in the progress of developing cohesion and solidarity between the two countries as well as within the whole ASEAN, especially as Vietnam is going to become its chairman in 2020.

Dr. Hoang Hong Nga (Faculty of History, USSH) presents her paper "The relations between Cambodia and Vietnam within ASEAN context"

Dr. Ngoun Kimly (Department of International Studies, Phnom Penh Royal University) presents his paper "Cambodia's pursuit of peace"

The Vietnamese students presents about "Value of friendship, peace and stability in ASEAN and the roles of youth"

Concluding the exchange event was the arts performances by students of the two universities, reflecting their respective nations' cultural characteristics as well as those of the whole Southeast Asia.

Performance by the Vietnamese students

Performance by the Cambodian students

Founded in 1960, Phnom Penh Royal University is the oldest and largest university in Cambodia. It has over 5000 students and 3 campuses, 335 lecturers (including 15 doctors and 280 masters). Its subordinate units are Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Development Studies, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Education and Institute of Foreign Languages.

Author: Tran Minh

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