Conference "Karl Marx's philosophy and Vietnam: History and Present"

Sunday - 10/06/2018 23:43
On June 8th, 2018, Faculty of Philosophy, USSH, VNU Hanoi held the conference "Karl Marx's philosophy and Vietnam: History and Present"

The conference attracted the attention of many scholars from Vietnamese universities and research institutes. More than 40 papers were presented. The conference were split into 4 sessions, addressing many aspects relating to Karl Marx's philosophy and Vietnam from the past to the present.

Relevant topics at the conference were: Karl Marx's economic thinking and its marks on modern society; Karl Marx's economic theory on the capitalist mode of production in "Das Kapital" and its current implications; the Hegelian issue of "alienation" through Karl Marx's persective in the draft of "Economy-Philosophy" in 1844; Marx and Engels' general ideas on humanity, society, the state, and the ideas of classical Marxists on economy, production, and science and technology. 

The session on Karl Marx through his works chaired by Prof. Dr Nguyen Trong Chuan and Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Thuy Van

The theme "Karl Marx and theoretical and practical issues in Vietnam" drew strong interest from the researchers. The papers concerning this theme dealt with many theoretical and practical issues such as the studies of Karl Marx's works in Vietnam; Karl Marx's historical materialism and its implications for a development model in Vietnam; and contributions of Marxist-Leninist's idea on the compatibility between the relations of production and the development of forces of production to Vietnam's construction of socialism.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Anh Tuan presents his paper at the conference

The scholars discuss their ideas

Author: Hoai An

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